Game 21: Ohio State at Michigan Open Thread

Sorry for posting the Spanish link :rofl: It is also on ESPN News if you guys get that.


Guys it’s on ESPN NEWS

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I downgraded my cable package and lost ESPN News so Espanol it is. Si senor.

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Teske is getting owned.

An Ohio State possession that included 2 travels and 3 passes that begged to be picked off results in a ticky tack Charles Matthews foul. Ugly start

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Wow, early Johns sighting again. Has he officially passed Davis?

Teske is really struggling so far.

Against a team whose backup center is 6’6”, it appears so

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At least they’re hitting their foul shots

LeDee is 6-8 or 6-9 I think. He doesn’t know whats’ going on either though so a good opp for JOhns.

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Ahhh, my mistake. Thought this was the Andre Wesson small ball lineup

Usually Wesson with LeDee. Johns is covering LeDee.

Get in rhythm poole

Shoot yourself outta that slump


Isaiah Livers in transition makes me nervous.


This was predictable. OSU has a HORRIBLE free throw defense. :rofl:

Are we sure Teske isn’t nursing something right now? Sure looks like he’s near limping at times recently.

He came up limping at either Wisconsin or IU I can’t remember and so he could be

He came down awkwardly on one of those missed bunnies (though he May have been fouled)

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