Game 21: Ohio State at Michigan Open Thread

Ticker says to use the app.

Watch ESPN link

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ESPN News!!!


The ESPN3 link from Dylan is en Espanol

Need to brush up on my spanish

No senor! No senor!

Way to go, ESPN. You made the game only available in Spanish!!

No bueno!!!

Switched to espn news and missed the first two minutes.

On that last possession, Michigan switched so much off ball, they looked like they were playing zone, lol

Way to run the floor, JP!

Holtmann begged and the refs responded with 0 foul calls 6 minutes in.


Teske with a case of the Donnal’s again. Starting to become a problem.

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Teske getting punkd a little out there. Hoping he shakes this early

Defense getting shredded for 1.33 PPP

Another slow offensive start.

Ohio State switching screens in man-to-man and sprinkling in some 2-3 zone. Jordan Poole missing open jumpers and Jon Teske missing layups.

Buckeyes lead 12-6 at the under 16.

The real refs are still stuck in traffic. We’re getting Enrico Palazzo’ed.

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Would be nice to make our layups and open shots. Defense will adjust. Just frustrating on offense.

I love Teske’s weak side help, but he has been struggling a lot lately in 1-1 Post situations.

His finishing is really bad lately too.

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Poole has had some GREAT open looks though. He’s got to start hitting those.