Game 21: Michigan vs. Rutgers Preview

Is it possible they adjust their ball screen coverage at all if Simpson were playing? Or is the hyper aggressive style a mantra they can’t get away from?

I think it is definitely possible. If Simpson doesn’t play, I would definitely expect it though. Nebraska did something similar which caused Eli/DDJ some headaches.

I think the greater adjustments would be that they would go to a softer hedge, for example. Either way, I think there will be 3PA available for Michigan. Rutgers has held its opponent below 30% 3PA/FGA just four times this year (Caldwell, Pittsburgh, SFA, and Illinois).

Here’s hoping for Michigan’s continued NYC magic. If my numbers are correct, Michigan is 15-2 at MSG/Barclays since the start of the 2007-08 season (Beilein’s first).


I would think Brandon Johns gets the Harper Jr. matchup if Livers doesn’t suit up. If Isaiah does play, that’s a pretty natural matchup for him.

I think Johns would really struggle to guard Harper. Agree that Livers is a good matchup.

Yeboah is the more natural match up for Johns probably.

Other teams have been guarding Harper with bigs – Minnesota used Demir; Iowa put Pemsl and Garza on him (not that it worked well); MSU assigned Tillman.

Not saying it’s a great matchup – I’d compare his driving skillset as similar to Lamar Stevens – but I think Johns is the best option if Livers is out.

The rumblings are that Simpson will not travel to NYC. I’m trying to be optimistic but I’m not sure how Michigan wins this game without shooting like 40% from three on a large volume.

That was my thought also. If no X, then how will we score against a good defensive team? I see a lot of turnovers coming. They do give up open 3’s, so it would seem our only hope is to revert to our Bahamas shooting form.

U-M can’t continue shoot as badly as they have been since coming stateside, can they? CAN THEY? (grumble… of course they can…)

Welp, that report proved to be incorrect. Zavier is suiting up tomorrow!


Probably wasn’t incorrect when reported. I would give the source benefit of the doubt on it. Status changed. Sounds like it was a last minute decision

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Fair point.

It was incorrect because the decision had clearly not yet been made.


Team is going to have energy, X will be hungry. We grab a big win.

Just trying to speak it into existence.


Preach away!

Random question, if we gave up a home game to play at MSG does that mean we could host recruits there as if it was a home game? Obviously doesn’t make a ton of sense since recruits wouldn’t be on campus but an unofficial visit for northeast kids and a cool experience to see the Gardens.


I don’t know the answer, so hopefully someone else chimes in, but trips like these I hope at least Jett gets to come :wink::wink:

And then he recruits for us via his IG account! Eh?

I don’t know why but I have a very very good feeling about tomorrow. Maybe it’s because of the name on the jersey (Rutgers), maybe it’s because we are due for some good shooting, or maybe because the team will be happy to get Z back… I just feel good.

Also, I really hope this is a one-off and Rutgers doesn’t become a yearly competitor. We have enough of those in the B10.


I’m with you. They’re due, maybe this suspension unites them and x goes on a tear. They’ve had a lot of chances to win lately and didn’t finish. I got a feeling they pull this one off.