Game 21: Michigan vs. Rutgers Preview

I’m with you guys, have a good feeling about this one too. Hard not to get discouraged with the season thus far, but they HAVE had the 3rd hardest schedule in the country per kenpom (#1 hardest vs. offenses) and were one shot away from winning a couple of those close ones. This team could surprise yet. I still think they’re top 25. Tomorrow they come in on a mission and walk out with a W.


Recent video updated by Michigan official basketball page on Instagram looks like livers is still in sweats while everyone else is in practice jerseys.

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Thanks for passing that along. Unfortunately not a huge surprise. Hoping they can have him back for the MSU rematch but not holding my breath.

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I’m not seeing any practice video from the last 10 days on the UM Basketball insta page? Only video I see is the team getting on and off planes and buses on their trip.

Check their story’s

My boy from NYC is heading over, says there is a lot of Rutgers fans on the train.

Andy Katz confirmed there’s no Livers today.