Game 20: Michigan at Nebraska Open Thread

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Referees for Michigan at Nebraska: Bo Boroski, Earl WALTON and Rob Kueneman

My general guess at how the rotation shakes out

PG - Dejulius (35) - Brooks (5)
SG - Brooks (30) - Nunez (10)
SF - Wagner (32) - Nunez (8)
PF - Johns (30) - Davis (5) - Castleton (5)
C - Teske (30) - Davis (10)

Livers has warmed up and not played a few times over the past month, but FWIW.


Interesting. I was about to bet nebraska +205… Then it dropped to +180 before I could lock in the bet (and I still took it)… And now this news comes out right after I put it in…

The whole team does need to step up especially Eli, DDJ and Franz with the shooting %.

I would hope for more Castleton and less Nunez.

Someone has to play backup minutes in the backcourt. Think that guy has to be Nunez.

No chance Franz does not slide over for even just a few minutes? I know I am probably wishing upon a star but Nunez just has not shown me anything as of yet.

He could… but I’m not sure that Juwan would do that over playing Nunez. He’s been pretty comfortable playing Nunez at different points this year.

I genuinely don’t know what to expect. At least the game will be interesting - it would be nice to see some guys step up.

If Nunez could provide a scoring lift tonight it would be huge for the team and his growth. Just hope he can hold it down on D at least.

Headband stats!


As expected, David DeJulius gets the start for Michigan with Zavier Simpson suspended.

He’s joined by Eli Brooks, Franz Wagner, Brandon Johns and Jon Teske in the starting lineup.

If Nunez plays he has to hit two threes, that’s what he was given a ship for. If he doesn’t hit at least one three, then what does he bring?


Gotta go with an extended bench tonight. Wouldn’t mine seeing Cole get some run

5 fouls we can use up!?