Game 2: Creighton at Michigan Open Thread

Any word on Jefferson for Creighton?

I assume if he’s not starting that means he’s not playing?

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I fricken love the fact that Fox uses “Roundball Rock” for their college basketball coverage!

Here we go guys

Maize headband for X

Feels like Nunez is unplayable


Brutal defense for Nunez. Went by him like he was standing still


Agree on Nunez. That has to improve.

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I don’t get these defensive assignments. Z on Mitchell? Nunez on Ballock? Why?

Better one on one defensive shift for Nunez. Hopefully he just got caught sleeping early.

They’re legitimately just attacking Nunez on every possession.

Alright, I think I figured out who the one guy is we need to stop. Also, no post up possessions for Michigan.

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Creighton’s transition puts a ton of pressure on you to just pick up. Michigan been doing a lot of switching. Not sure who you want Nunez to guard if not Ballock.

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excellent help defense by Brooks on that drive


I don’t mind Teske missing threes, but I would be happy if they ALL didn’t have to be off the front rim!


Early transition three for Ballock is exactly the kind of thing I talked about in the preview. They are deadly there.