Game 19: Minnesota at Michigan Open Thread

Officiating crew: Rob Riley, Courtney Green and Steve McJunkins.

Maybe we won’t have Carstensen anymore now. lol. He did the Sparty game last night.

How’s the student section tonight. Are we wearing MAIZE unis tonight?

Big game Maize for MInnesota?

Big game maize for the bounce back game.

Are they all wearing JP shorts now?

Minnesota is starting Eric Curry today. Curry has only played six games this year while coming back from injury. He replaces freshman big Daniel Oturu in the starting lineup.

John Beilein wanted Iggy Brazdeikis and Charles Matthews to be aggressive. Two missed threes and a turnover to open the game from the duo.

Did CM really turn it over the first possession ?


Bad drive by Iggy as well

What a terrible foul by Teske against a team that draws a ton of fouls.

Well…if Iggy struggles to score this is an entirely different team

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Very passive so far.

There is a difference between being aggressive and pushing it to much and being sloppy

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What happened with Livers there? He barely got off the floor when he jumped.

Looks like his leg gave out a bit

On the way up or when he landed?

I know Charles did it last year, but that dude is going to put me in an early grave.


Going up. But I definitely believe that he got fouled as well… maybe homer glasses but i think that they are already getting away with more than us

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