Game 19: Minnesota at Michigan Open Thread

Need Iggy to scoring again, I like that he is looking to score.

Brooks passing up open 3s again.


Crowd looked very sparse. I know it’s cold as hell but this was supposed to be a sell out, no?

Brooks passed up another wide open 3.

Yes, definitely, but if he were a better player it would have been a great lane to drive to the bucket

This may be the most confusing thing to me over the past month, it seems like he is passing on SO many open 3s, he has to pull that trigger, right!

I thought the emphasis was not to call fouls on plays like that but whatever.

Couple notable bits early:
-When Teske is in the game, looks like he’s defending Murphy not Curry.
-Isaiah Livers, not Austin Davis, was the first big off the bench

Kind of a given for this game, though, right? Seems like a no brainer for it to be Livers first.

launching threes looks desperate right now


Aside from the missed dunk, Livers looks good so far

Good to see Livers moving well after that

Our offense is borderline unwatchable right now

Seriously, those were excellent shots and we need to make them


How so? Hasn’t it been Austin Davis in every other game this year?

Iggy now 2 for his last 15 from deep.

This team has no offensive alpha right now

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Yikes. I think Iggy’s struggles are probably the #1 thing that has caused Michigan’s offense to sputter a bit as of late