Game 19: Illinois at Michigan Preview

The “Bottom Line” couldn’t be more succinct, or accurate.


Might want to change Ann Arbor to Champaign in the opening line.

Bah, thanks. Need to sleep and edit more. Fixed.


Bring in Mitch McGary to hold up the “WIN THE GAME” sign or better yet if he’s not ready to play have Livers hold up the sign during time outs.

Yet another FS1 telecast that I can’t watch locally. Hoping I can find a stream somewhere so I’m not tempted to follow the open thread here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Try same issue, especially if you live in the Windsor area!!

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What time does Howard meet with the media today?

Should be around 3pm.

Here’s Juwan today:

Having trouble remembering, but who had primary defensive responsibility for Ayo the first game (X or Eli)?

Also, having trouble getting the Juwan video above to play…anyone else?

Thanks Dylan!

The video doesn’t work for me either. Here it is on YouTube. I’ve found Juwan’s pressers, especially pre-game, to be basically worthless. Makes me miss Beilein’s where he would divulge a lot more and you could actually gain some insight.


He sure plays it close to the vest doesn’t he.

I would have been fine if the entire preview just said “MUST WIN” in bold letters with no analysis.

But good write up. Just need to get some confident shots up.

Hopefully this means something.


Livers returns, Michigan wins by double digits, all the critics are silenced until the next loss.


Hey guys, just returned from Mexico the check in on how things are goi…GOOD GOD WE LOST AT IOWA AND PENN STATE AT HOME!!! I’m never leaving the country again. Michigan by 10 over Illinois and all will be well!


You underestimate some people’s ability to be mad


“Gotta leave it all on the floor today fella’s.”

BIB BIG game for the team…protect the floor, get on a roll.

Punch back today!

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