Game 18: Penn State at Michigan Recap

Yeah the Myreon Jones one where X was hanging out in the paint really stuck out to me watching live last night. He just has a lot of possession where he’s hanging out in no man’s land without purpose. Not sure what’s up withit.


I disagree with putting a team on the line for one-and-ones when you’re within striking distance with 4-5 minutes left in the game. It’s a desperate move at what isn’t a desperate time. I also have to think the math’s against you going to that strategy that early.

It is difficult to trust a player who attempted a 50 foot diagonal pass in transition and airballed an 8 foot runner to jumpstart an offence. Dave has his moments, but last night wasn’t one of them.


I’ve been all for playing the small lineup, but DeJulius has really been struggling since the Purdue game. He’s forcing shots and making bad decisions. Hit on him in the five takeways today.

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@umhoops, you mentioned on the podcast and here that “The Wolverines were ranked 2nd in the Big Ten in offensive efficiency.”

What does that look like when you adjust for opponent? You justified our putrid B10 defense by saying we played Iowa twice, but doesn’t the same go for the offense? It’s easy to say after last night, but I think offense has been an issue thought throughout B10 play.

In conference, Michigan’s adjusted offensive efficiency is 5th and adjusted defensive efficiency is 13th.

By the raw numbers, they are 3rd and 14th after last night.

Offense was bad vs MSU, PSU and Illinois. Defense was awful vs Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan State, Iowa. Offense was pretty good vs Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Iowa. Defense was pretty good (by numbers) against PSU and Purdue (only two games below 1 PPP).

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Regarding the defense this is where three 6ft guards is problematic and we miss a Charles Matthews who could guard from 1-4. Plus X plays to whole game and we get low energy from him down the stretch in games and season.

I noticed that most of these seemed to be on Simpson as well. That is VERY concerning to me. And he just seems to be lacking the leadership we saw out of him before.

I get the pressure that is on him on offense and the minutes he has logged, etc. Most of us thought he was the best PG defender in the B10 last year. And now he is getting lazy on switches and remember the Oregon game where Pritchard beat him one-on-one like 6 straight times. And throw in some very lazy and unforced turnovers. Just doesn’t seem like the same guy.

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Michigan doesn’t really the play the three 6-foot guards together very often at all though. I think Michigan’s bigger defensive issues stem from the lack of depth in the frontcourt without Isaiah.

There’s too much being asked of Simpson. He never comes off the court unless it’s for foul trouble. He is the only offensive creator so there’s a tremendous burden on him to create open shots for everyone and when none of them can hit, now he has to try and score more which isn’t his strong point.

He has to guard the opposing team’s PG so that takes a lot of energy as well to navigate through constant ball screens. Without Livers, he’s the only real leader and outspoken player on the court too.

He’s a good player but he’s not good enough to carry a team. He needs more help. He can play better and eliminate some of the mistakes but he’s not going to be as good when the talent around him falls off like it has from previous years.


Mich does not have a guard or a wing for that matter who can block or change a shot while Livers is out.

It also seems like there is just a lot of mental let downs even from our number one guy who’s strength has always been d. We need lock down x back. Then hopefully it’s contagious.

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Also a great point. It might be too much and that’s why we’ve seen let downs here and there.

Agree generally, but down 3 or 4 possessions very late means it’s time for shooters.

It requires the right (poor) shooter being on the floor, but when you need to make up multiple possessions, you want the ball back without burning clock.

And Wagner should be helped considerably by having Isaiah on the floor, no? Maybe most?

Though, disturbingly, getting open hasn’t been the problem. . .

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Many have complained about Johns and I think he’s one of the most improved players on the team. Simpson going 8 for 23, having 6 TOs to 6 assist, and Wagner going 1 for 9 on FG hurts the team. Penn State at home the normal starters should be outperforming Johns not underperforming. Johns to me seems to be the least of our worries and is playing into the lineup nicely the more time he gets. We all have our own opinions and Johns is doing well in mine.

I think going 1 for 9 and 8 for 23 by two starters kills the offense, Johns shot at 60% and had 14 points wasn’t it? Whatever are you talking about?

Shapiro on the game: “If anyone of you are NBA fans, this Michigan game could not be more # MOML (make or miss league). This is the kind of offensive game you feared when Livers went out with the groin injury. Michigan cannot hit open catch & shoot looks.”

All I can say after reading twenty commentators saying more or less the above is: come back and tell me Juwan stinks another night.

I don’t really see anyone saying that in this thread? :man_shrugging:

Simpson and Wagner didn’t play well, but what do you like that Johns is bringing to the table? Spacing and positioning is an issue for him on offense and he’s not shooting with confidence.

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