Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Teske with 4 blocks.


Happ and Teske are gassed.


This is becoming a dog fight. Fortunately we have the pit bull.


You can tell Poole is super amped to play in his home state. He’s had a couple of heroball possessions but it’s hard to argue with the overall result.


Yeah, Happ’s shot looked awful the last few times down the floor.


Whoa I feel like I haven’t seen a caveman Geico commercial in years.


Going on 30 minutes with no points from Iggy.


They’re reviving a bunch of old ones for a best of competition


Yeah, Geico is running old commercials as part of a “Best of” contest.


Poole is forcing it now.


His 2 point jumpers in the first half were essentially turnovers. Not really a good game from him overall IMO. But with Matthews and Iggy struggling to do anything on offense, he’s kind of had to force it a few possessions


Bail out call.


What a dumb shot attempt


Oh whoa that was nice


Maybe that will get Livers going.


Flop flop flop
Reslly csnt stand this


Seems like we can keep beating these guys downcourt. Keep pushing it.


Well that was a huge missed opportunity with happ out


A lot of lazy plays today.


I feel like we may win in spite of ourselves