Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


We have to stop going for the shot fake and we will be alright


Charles does each time



The pace, style and flow of this game is in Wisconsin’s favor.


I swear Teske has stepped on four or five ankles of other players trying to recover/keep up with him today.


Gotta get something out of the 4 spot - Iggy and Livers are just invisible.


Matthews looks out of it as well. It’s been a weird game.


Charles has been objectively horrible today.


Based on that last graphic, we have a lead based on offensive rebounding and free-throw shooting? That’s a new one. Will take a W however we can get it.

EDIT: And tough defense, including seven blocks!


Show that home State Poole


What in the world Matthews


Matthews is so frustrating


Teske! Wow.


Teske running the court like Chris freakin Webber.


We should spend a week of practice working on lobs. We are absolutely terrible at them.


Ford hadn’t made a 3 in 1.5 years and he’s made 2 today


Huh? He’s 12-of-39 this year.


Got him and Iverson mixed up. My bad


You’re thinking of Iverson.