Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Wow, they ignored Davison’s flop.


CM we need your offensive today !!


I thought that one was actually a charge too


Make up call coming.


Dakich “Can’t understand?” You don’t think his flopping reputation would eventually work against Davison?


They’ve called so many borderline charges already, you really can’t complain if you’re UW.


The extended arm is the difference. Shoulda been an easy call.


Dan Dakich somehow thinks that is a charge but when a player dove into Poole’s legs, it was nothing.


Gut check time.


Iggy worst game today. Clogged driving lanes and he has no counter.


Dumb pass after dumb pass.


Michigan is gonna lose this game or win it, Wisconsin is not going to win it. They’re just absolutely killing themselves today


Cant turn the ball over in these low possession games


Come on guys!!! String together a turkey on defense and let’s get outta Wisconsin with a W


As careless with the ball as I’ve seen in a while…


No Poole is hurting. The 3rd foul was a big call.


This is a typically ugly Wisconsin game. Hate playing these guys.


We have to hold our composure.


What the hell is going on? Brain fart after brain fart.


Defense lockdown needs to happen soon