Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Livers needs to start taking some shots, especially from outside. We are not going to get much scoring at the rim today from Charles and Iggy.


I will say, THIS feels like the game where end of game free throw shooting is going to come into play.


Both teams have their issues in that department.


I do. You’d think that the refs would scout the teams they’re calling and recognize that Wisconsin flops everywhere and that Michigan is one of the most foul-averse squads in hoops. Haha, what a silly thing for me to say.


It’s going to be an interesting finish due to that, or seems like it.


Agree he was way to hesitant, passed on a few good kick out 3 opportunities


Matthews - Iggy - Livers are 0-8. One of those needs to STEP IT UP now.


Michigan is hitting 76% in six conference games. Wisconsin hitting only 54% in their six thanks to Happ’s garbage 32%.


Need something-anything- from Iggy, Charles, Livers.


Sounds like we got our first road boos for Iggy too ha


Only Iggy with two fouls. Now let’s go take this game in the second half. Cmon offense.


Wisconsin is getting away with lots of blocking fouls imo. Also when someone flops on the charge and our guy falls forward and trips over him it’s a defensive foul. He has tripped the offensive player and it needs to be called as such.


Also Wisconsin is not falling for any head fakes or double moves which means fire it up when their closing out or just take it right over them or by them on the drive. They’re not contesting the look or respecting the shot. Make them pay


0 from Iggy and Charles plus Austin Davis has our only bench points. We’re up 2. Unreal.


I don’t have replay but was thinking the same thing about trips. Bellein went nuts on one of the non-calls where I think Simpson was bumped/pushed as he sped around defender instead of charging.


Welp today’s not Iggy’s game. He’s forcing it way too much


Happ is 10/4/4 and Teske/Davis are 9/8/0. Wish announcers were paying attention.


Great pass Poole


Teske comes up limping again


Uh oh - Teske’s limping