Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Aaron Craft thinks Davison flops too much.


Best case scenario final minute so far. This is a survival game.


Great last 2:00.


Good close to the half by Michigan.


No kidding!


I am so sick of Davison flopping all over the place. It’s pathetic and ruins basketball.


Got as little as we could possible get from Iggy and Matthews and we’re winning at half.


We’re not gonna get a shot off because no one knew they had two fouls to give…


If Dakich could stop hyping up Poole to the NBA so we can keep him one more year that’d be great


How in the heck are we up 2 at the half? Any decent offense 2nd half this is ours. Wisky SOOO beatable.


Got hacked underneath, no call.



How did wisky get an opportunity at the end?


Slow clock.


JB to Poole: “How did you not throw that ball… he was open” lol…

Is teske limping?


We talked about that yesterday remember.


Badger Bob.


Big time stuff by Michigan down the stretch there to close the half. That was a danger zone and Poole’s and one and Simpson’s three changed the momentum heading into the break.


Clock didn’t start until Wisconsin guy picked it up as I don’t believe Teske ever touched it.


I feel confident in the second half I think we will get our offense to pick up tonight