Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread



Michigan was out of sorts on offense the whole game. You have 17 turnovers (many unforced) and shoot 22-54 you’ll lose EVERY B1G road game. Not a good performance.

This game more than any other exposed Iggy for what he needs to work on going forward. Just stop the pro talk. Kid needs to expand his game.


Yeah, Greg Gard is a nobody. The only reason he’s a major D1 coach is because Bo Ryan strong-armed the Wisconsin athletic department.


I’m trying to become a “glass half full” guy, so I’ll just point out that we responded pretty nicely after each of our last two defeats.


And yet, the golden Trohl Center whistle is something that can be bequeathed


Charles at his best is an absolutely draftable player, but oof is he at a level much lower than that far too often.


Wouldn’t you know it, Wiscy plays their best game of the year, after looking like crap recently. Then the F ing officials screw us at the end of the game. Not saying we would have won but you can NOT call Iggy’s foul intentional. You can NOT. Terrible.


Of course there’s going to be at least one more loss. Nobody is expecting this team to go 30-1 are they? More like 3 or 4 more at least.


Who called the intentional? Please tell me it was Carstensen.


I kind of expected their best game, as I kind of expect it from most schools we’ll visit. Agree completely with you on the call.


He’s been building into a complete mess for a while now. He’s regressed badly and probably the most important thing to our ceiling is fixing him.


I don’t believe it was. That wasn’t the ref JB seemed to want to “talk” to. But oftentimes in situations like that the offending official runs away and let’s his partners handle it.


He’s the big dude who looks like Bull from Night Court.


I’m glad we play Minni on Tues and don’t have to dwell on this game for a week.


I agree, Maize, we WILL get everyone’s best effort, and I DO think Wisconsin played very well, on both ends of the floor. I also agree with the comments about unforced TO’s. We certainly had some. No question, this will be a learning opportunity, and, no, we weren’t going undefeated. Just important to bounce right back. I certainly think we will. We’ll see. By the way, WHY do we have to have Dan Dakich on the mic for our games? Lord, Lord, that’ guy is hard to take sometimes!


As a side note, need to get the confidence back for Brooks. It’s in there and they’re going to need him. He’s passing up way too many open shots recently.


He didn’t even realize X had a double double. Said nothing.


Agreed, need to get back to that Tu-Sat cadence. The team will find its rhythm. As JB says, “you learn more from losing than you do from winning”. Take the L, go home get better!


Personally I’d prefer they learn from a close victory! But I won’t argue with JB.


Here’s another thing, and it really didn’t have anything to do with the final outcome, I don’t think, but WHY would they allow a hockey game to be played the night before an 11:00 AM basketball tip? It seemed we were slipping around quite a bit at the beginning of the game. I’m serious, the floor tends to be slipperier after a hockey game the night before. X slipped at least twice early. Also, I’m guessing, unless we arrived early on Friday, we weren’t able to practice on the floor yesterday at Kohl Hockey Arena.