Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Iggy is a freshman but when yu ask to be the man you have to step up when called upon. As for Mathews he is still struggling with his handles when facing a disciplined defender.


Eh, you beat the undefeated #2 team in the country (and maybe salvage your season), you storm the floor. I’d want us to do it.


Gotta take that as a compliment, I suppose.


I knew this game wasn’t going to be easy. Every fan of Michigan should expect every single opponent to bring it on the road. Let alone Wisconsin, where Michigan is now 2-14 all time now at the Kohl Center. Quit thinking this Michigan team is invincible. Long season ahead and the BIG 10 is too good of a league. Going to be at least one more loss this season.


16 Turnovers did us in. We did not value the ball.


16 turnovers against a defense designed to do the exact opposite, one of the worst executed offenses games of the jb era


100% - can’t do that against Wisconsin. They’re not even good at it.


On the plus side, games like this make it more likely that Brazdeikis will return :slight_smile:


Wisconsin is pretty meh at causing turnovers and here is Michigan just giving it away for no reason.


I voted this game as the first loss, so doesn’t surprise me whatsoever. I’ll also take the positive side of this, Michigan played brutally and had a chance to win. I think it says more how good of a team Michigan is. It takes this type of brutal and uncharacteristic performance to beat them.


So does Michigan go back to singling Happ the next time, or continue to double and work on getting better at it (and your rotations)?


244th in the country … probably a bit better after today.


OK guys, it’s a loss. Many of us expected it, but just not in this fashion. At the end of the day losing to Wisconsin at the Kohl center should make us a better team.


54 points is insufficient and unworthy. I am not impressed by that total.


I’d play it straight up since the way the rest of this game played out won’t happen at Crisler.


Just move on and don’t make it two in a row.


You can do it, but prepare to feel his absolute wrath!


Not happy with the give ups at the end. Oh well, more fuel to the fire. Feel sorry for wisky in Ann Arbor


So many games in this building follow this script.

-We have a slim lead for most of the first 30 minutes but repeatedly blow chances to expand the lead with boneheaded mistakes

-We then go through a brutal scoring drought from about the 10 minute mark to the 5 minute mark while their big dude takes over

-Then we desperately fight from behind in the last 5 minutes but some combination of killer mental mistakes, homer officiating and just crappy luck does us in.


I’m also of the mind that we kind of needed this loss. We played angry in November and then like we were defending something since. With that said. Greg Gard got the Bo Ryan golden whistle today, didn’t he? I thought Coach B was right to be boiling over after a game of questionable stuff - from the offensive foul on Iggy, which looked awful on a single viewing, to the foul on Teske doubling with 3 on the shot clock and so on… I’m not fully awake, but there was some bad stuff, no? That looked like Coach B boiled over and the boil was a slow one.