Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


This team needed an actual L. Just hope it doesn’t mushroom - teams that can beat us coming up on the schedule.

If it doesn’t, would love to be ranked below Sparty when we play them. Want us angry, hungry, feeling overlooked.


I’m half awake so I forgot about the hockey thing even after the segment they ran on it. You’re right, we were slipping a ton today.


Sorta off-topic but I hate when Michigan loses because (besides the obvious) it kills my desire to watch any other games the remainder of the day. Constantly seeing/hearing reference to their loss is so annoying.


I agree with you, I’d rather they learn from a close victory, too, but JB is probably right. I’m guessing he’ll have their full attention in practice tomorrow and Monday!


Yeah, I’m guessing JB probably won’t be amused when he looks over tape of all the unforced errors. When you make a bad pass and you’re leading you smile and laugh but that doesn’t probably go over too well in film sessions when that game becomes a loss.


I also agree; I’m watching Purdue/Indiana with a “dammit” in the back of my mind. However, Davidson didn’t destroy anyone’s nether regions, so that’s a win. They just need to regroup, demolish Minnesota, resume season. I as a fan must realize more losses will happen and it’s all part of the season.


OK, I’m done bitching about this game. I’m just gonna trust JB and our kids to go to work in the next couple of days. I’m just lookin’ forward to tip off Tuesday night at 7:00 PM at the Crisler Center. Go BLUE!!!


Same here. Amen.


Just a side note pet peeve. NCAA needs to be mindful of court conditions. It sucks for everyone if they have to fight for traction lol


30-1 would be great


Honestly in a odd way I feel good about the game although frustrated. It was a complete mental breakdown and horrible decision making from coach b down and we still should have won on the road.

Also I don’t think Wisconsin looks like a very good team , I’m not sure they have a good year.


It would be interesting to know how many of our turnovers were actually slips and flops. I suspect 16 would seem better with that stat.


Beilein told him to foul even if Happ didn’t have the ball.


Basically. It was a game where no one made good decisions or could get on the same page. I’m writing it off as a aberration.

The only things that made me nervous is guys were scared to make plays or take wide open looks late and I’ve noticed a trend of iggy just putting his head down and having too much of a one track mind. In other games he’s missed wide open guys in favor of taking it himself, on breaks even. Luckily he’s finished more often than not on a tough lay in or shot but he has to hit the open man and have his head up.

Totally defeated ourselves but this could be a great springboard to get back to where we were early in the year.


I didn’t like the foul with half the shot clock gone and I really didn’t like the foul down three. I get Happ stinks at the line but your down three with 1:40 or so left, against a team struggling to score. No reason to foul him on the three point line. I’d prefer they only hack him there if he gets real good position the box.

Seemed like we just were not there mentally all day, just couldn’t get right.


I get to the point that shut off the sound so I don’t have to hear him,lol.