Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Big shot Zay!!


Obviously, but he also needs to know game scenario. By not fouling Happ, he cost us 10 seconds and put Trice at the line instead


This is like a carbon copy of every Kohl game (except last year’s).


Not trying to blame a kid but Iggy’s play has definitely been the difference between us wining and losing


Are you kidding me?!


I thought there was no longer any such thing as an intentional foul.


F these refs. This is an embarrassment.


That’s unbelievable


Why call anything? Stupid call.


Iggy and Mathews combine for a total of one trip to the foul line. Just can not have that stat line and expect to do well on the road.


And that is what happens at the Kohl center. They were destined to win this game regardless of how we played. The refs did not let us get into the bonus in either half. And now they ice the game.


This team looked so unprepared for a close game down the stretch. Most mental errors I can remember in a long time


Iggy is a freshman, I’ll give him some slack but what’s up with CM ?


The call was fine, Iggy clearly fouled a guy without a ball which is an intentional. It was a stupid play by him, the end


It doesn’t look like it, but that BS call changed the whole endgame. Having said that, we did not deserve to win this game.


Wisconsin deserves this win. They played harder, smarter and better.


Payback coming in a few weeks.


Haha. Storming the court.


But, did we have to give them a 10 point victory? This was a six point game.


So, is complaining about the refs still a bad look? Asking for a friend.