Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Beyond the turnovers, livers and brooks refusal to shoot has killed the offense


Corner right elbow


Yep, corrected that as soon as I posted it. 1 for 25 now I believe


19-45 from field and 15 turnovers. Tough to win on road like that.


I’d start fouling him when he gets that deep.


Stop defending Happ straight up. Make him earn it.


Xavier has a lot of trouble with contact


When Big Jon starts glowing red, he’s hot. Feed him!


Box out please!


It was a good shot.


It’s kind of sad that on a team full of guys that claim they want the ball we’re relying on your 7 foot center to shoot us back into the game from 3.


I have always hated the possession arrow and always will. Jump it up.


Good call.


And we could finish this game not making it into the bonus.


A built in cop out, along with the double foul/double tech.


X double double.


And the lousy announcers haven’ even realized it.


Iggy needed to foul Happ on that rebound


Invoking Ben Brust twice in this broadcast is just cruel.


Iggy needed the box out on that rebound