Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Give Wisconsin some credit.


Happ has more assists than Simpson. But Simson approaching a rare double double.


Autobench Poole


Eli shoot the ball!!! Gosh


Brooks has to take that.


Brooks can’t pass that look up


First, he has to be ready for it.


We’re not making this deficit up with Iggy and Poole on the bench. I don’t care if Iggy hasn’t scored. It’s not happening with this lineup


Nice flop there


How do you lose Happ of all people?


Wisc defense has been the story, they have played our wings tight all game and they have come up short on the challenge. Iggy scoreless and in total our 3 wings have as many turnovers as points. 7 of each.


The flopping is unbelievable. I don’t know why they get away with that.


Big sequence. Had a shot to cut it to 2 (or 1) and instead get no shot up and give up a dunk.


I’m sorry but defense is not there right now. It is showing that right now


Matthews can’t blame the refs on that one. Not a ton of contact but he fully extended his arm


They’re a garbage team, I don’t think it’s bad to say that. It’s an insult to basketball and the game


Passed up on a wide open corner 3 last trip


Matthews fully extends his arm on every drive and hasn’t made a two point jumper in 3 weeks, until that last possession…despite that being his go-to shot every single possession


Hope we put Davis in and start playing Hack-a-Happ soon.


Matthews has made at least one mid range J today, Very recently.