Game 18: Michigan at Wisconsin Open Thread


Getting almost nothing out of the 3 and 4 today other than turnovers.


Team is not valuing the basketball today. Careless, risky, unnecessary decisions all over the place.


I think the D effort has been fine. Just lots of stupid possessions at the other end.


Doesn’t feel like there’s 3 pros on the floor today


Michigan turnovers are the story of this game


Our fast break hasn’t worked today hardly at all. Bellein needs to tell the team to value possessions in a close game like this, and take care of the ball better by slowing things down. We are scoring OK in the half-court game but 14 TOs is killing us.


Still don’t get why they don’t foul Happ more down low.


No box out by Iggy. Come on. Stupid mistakes all day.


4 on Poole.


Terrible call to


That’s a brutal call to make right there.


Whisky doing whisky things. Refs doing things they do at whisky


Well, we’re going to need Iggy to step up here.


Should never had put himself in the situation to have the call made


If we lose, it comes down to not executing in transition and poor strategy to start doubling Happ


Michigan hasn’t played this poorly since last season at Northwestern.


14 turnovers in a low possession game too.



I don’t think it was necessarily a bad decision to double him. We’ve done a very poor job of doubling though. Improper rotations when we have


This is ALL ABOUT our offensive execution today,