Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


Even with all of those Simpson/Teske 3’s, we had 15 J’s and 12 layups.


And just like that Simpson’s a 33% three point shooter.


And Teske is a 30% three point shooter too.


Not buying the “improvement” narrative from these BTN guys on Teske right now. If you watched the games, Teske was doing all this stuff last year (minus threes).


I do think he got stronger and his vertical is better. Seems like he actually gets off the floor now…thanks to the Sandman!


He could’ve never played 30 minutes a game last year ( even if it was available ). His improved conditioning is a godsend. Kudos to him and the staff.


Teske played 35 minutes, got three steals and two blocks, and committed zero fouls. I mean wtf this guy is ridiculous.