Game 17: Northwestern at Michigan Open Thread


A few of us predicted that this week.
Take that, Collins.


I’m fine with that heat check. Once in a lifetime game.


Lol an X heat check and I was so okay with that


Never thought I’d live to see a Simpson heat check from three.


Looks like X took NW’s defensive strategy last game personally.

Plays biggest when challenged, love to see that from your PG and leader.


I guess Zavier showed Donlan


Never thought he would go 5 for 10 from 3.


Alright, bench mob, protect the KenPom!


NEVER thought I’d watch a game where Zavier ATTEMPTED 10 threes.


Simpson sending a message to all the other Big Ten teams as well.


Now that X has found his J maybe we should call him Javier.


Johns working hard on defense,


Johns has lost the battle on three rebounds.


Getting worked…


That’s a lot easier


Nunez needs a three.


Well, this was enjoyable.


Vic law looks like he’s been thru some stuff for real lol


But not standing around looking lost.


So, I believe that this not only Michigan’s best start ever, but on a quick glance, this appears to be the best start ever from ANY basketball team in the state of Michigan.