Game 16: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Two fouls on Brandon Johns Jr. before the first media timeout and Juwan Howard is putting Colin Castleton in the game.

Starting out playing big.

If Carr’s gonna go up like that no need to bail him out

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ugh I really hate this call. Dave needs to be getting in the game after the first media timeout


Just don’t understand why Castleton is coming in here…

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Beautiful …

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Casselton needs a go to post move. This multiple dribble and back the guy down plan isn’t going to work in the Big 10.


Castleton has way too much confidence in his post ups… gotta be at .5 PPP

Too much dribbling, take it up.

Great start! Juwan’s got these guys ready to go.

I think I’d feed Teske down low a few times. Be nice if we could get an early 2nd on Oturu, and if they double, Teske’s done a nice job with a couple of passes so far.

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Lmao. What made that different than any other hesitation dribble done in a basketball game since the 1960s?


Getting through 6 min of game time with no fouls on Teske I feel is a blessing. Have left a cpl at the rim but liking our energy early.

Castleton is just too weak to play right now. If they are going to call that a carry on Wagner they need to call it every time down the floor.


If someone would have told me that Simpson would be our 1st or 2nd best offensive option I would have said we’d be a sub .500 team.

Simpson has been fantastic since the MSU game


Castleton is as bad as any rotation player Michigan has had in a long, long time.


Simpson has been fantastic this season outside of a couple games.


Didn’t it get figured out how many wins Simpson and Teske needed to become Michigan’s all time leaders in wins? Does anyone remember what that number was?


Carr playing some turrible D