Game 16: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Correct, X is starting.


The Stat Tracker loves Nunez. Had him incorrectly starting over someone else earlier this year too, right?

I think it was the game that Austin Davis was entered in starting

Right, it was Davis, not Nunez.

This has been fixed. Simpson, Brooks, Franz, Johns and Teske starting for Michigan.

The real question is how often Juwan Howard deploys the small lineup with Wagner at the four. U-M went to it for final 19 mins vs. Purdue.

Would a reasonable expectation would be for that lineup to see 8ish min of the 1st half?

Here’s to hoping the WiFi is good enough to stream on my flight. 2.5 hour flight right as the game starts…

Plenty of open seats here at the Barn with a couple minutes until tip.

Vikings hangover


I forgot how weird their court is. It looks like the contrast is off on my TV.

Nice foul there


My pet-peeve of jumping to contest three pointers shows up again

Seems like a sleepy Sunday crowd

Ugh, Franz. Rushed it for no reason. Has to recognize he has the size

Nice double there from Franz

Let’s go Johns!

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HS Brandon Johns

2 on Johns.