Game 16: Michigan at Minnesota Open Thread

Livers in sweats again today.

Officials: Bo Boroski, Brian O’Connell and Lamont Simpson.

How often is KenPom updated?

I feel better about chances then against MSU but Brooks, Wagner, DeJulius have to play well on the road, for M to have a chance. At least one has to step up, probably two, hopefully all three. I think DeJulius plays well today. X keeps Michigan in it

Not sure the exact refresh time, but it does refresh frequently throughout the day. It will be updated with a game’s result within an atleast an hour of that game finishing (I think faster but I don’t know how it decides to refresh).

Yeah, it is updated pretty consistently throughout the day with new results.

Oh ok, I was curious what Ohio State must have been updated to.

They are ranked 8th.

Early check in all the way up from Traverse City found a little sports bar that’ll carry the game…debated on driving the the UP to Minne for tip off lol. Go blue

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What? Even after the run of losses?

Losses to #10 (neutral site), #21 at home, at #12, and at #32 and they dropped from #1 to #8. None were blowouts or anything. Seems fair to me.


Purdue eating MSU’s lunch. Winston 1-7 with 3 turnovers. Purdue’s guards are bad matchups for him.

A few years ago I watched part of Michigan’s B1G tourney run from Bubba’s while up there with my wife! :slightly_smiling_face:

My wife just turned it off in disgust! She’s a Sparty. I told her there is a long way to go, but she didn’t want to hear it!! Purdue playing their butts off defensively early!


That’s exactly where we are!!! The misses got their giant bloody so it’s bound to be a good game!

I hope Livers injury don’t linger on like Caris Levert’s.

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Sorry to those on the forum, probably should take this private, but we LOVE Bubba’s! Have fun! And…GO BLUE!!!

Oh, and I’m jealous. We were supposed to go up for a wine event in Leelanau Peninsula yesterday but cancelled due to the weather (forecast!).

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Frankly, that’s my fear, too. It’s just reminiscent of that injury. Every game we hope he plays…and, no, not dressed. I DO want him to be fully healthy, though, before he returns. Sure would love to see a couple of guys, (Johns, Castleton!) really step up while Isaiah is out. What great opportunities for them!

That HAS to be a mistake. X HAS to start unless he’s sick or injured, and Nunez…no comment, there has been enough of that already!

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