Game 16: Michigan at Illinois Open Thread


Not impressed with Illinois’ ball denial/pressure D.


2:10 into the game and Brad Underwood calls his first timeout. Michigan with a quick 7-0 start.


They run really good stuff … that offense works. We all saw the Oklahoma State game. Just not really working at Illinois yet.


Good defense by Teske early.


Doesn’t seem to be much energy in the stadium.


Pretty sure it is still Christmas break there.


hard to get excited about a 4-11 team


Welcome back Isaiah!


Second that!


Livers already with a post fadeaway and a driving and-one layup. Not stuff you’d see at the beginning of the year.


Here’s what I don’t get about those restricted area calls. If the defender doesn’t fall down, is it a foul? It’s only a foul because the defender fell down while playing defense in the restricted area? It just doesn’t really make any sense. Seems like that play should pretty clearly be a no call.



Not as bad as Penn State’s arena for their last home game. The place looked empty.


It’s fun to see Livers come in at the 3 and hunt.


So much for a letdown game


Crazy how many different directions his role can go in the game based on who picks up the first foul.


Bit early…


I think Iggy’s man has at least 2 of their buckets.


Sure, but the effort and execution are there so far. In terms of what the team is doing, they seem focused early on.


How did that hook go in