Game 15: Purdue at Michigan Open Thread

Any one at Crisler see Livers warming up?

Livers is not warming up.

Brandon Johns has a black eye.

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Good week of practice, then…

Alright boys and girls checkin in from section 207 row 41! Let’s protect home court tonight. No Livers in pregame, student section is as full as I have seen it in a long time…should be a hyped start for us.


I have a good feeling for Franz and Eli tonight.

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Officiating crew for Purdue at Michigan: Bill Ek, Courtney Green and Donnie Eppley

Crowd is… we’ll call it late arriving. Hopefully.

I have a pit of my stomach type feeling for this one. They’re horrible on offense but afraid they’ll be able to get some good looks from Painter drawing stuff up. Hope I’m wrong

Feel like it’ll be a low scoring grind… I get Minnesota home game last year vibes.


Johns on Haarms? Was that a switch that I missed?

Nice to see that keep North Carolina on our “Quality Wins” graphic.

Teske for 3! Here’s to a repeat of last year’s game at Crisler for him.

Yeah this Johns vs. Haarms matchup makes no sense to me either.

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Nojel Eastern please always shoot that.

Lol Eastern with the pull-up airball

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Johns isn’t even being guarded off-ball

Livers’ absense is soooo noticeable to our offensive spacing

Wow, Teske just got left in the dust down there!

Why are you guys surprised that Teske is guarding Trevion? Usually you would put Teske on the go-to post-up guy.