Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Recap


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Right now, from my persepective, Poole is a better NBA prospect than Stauskas was.


Don’t remember seeing any zone defense. They play strictly man-to-man.


All due respect but are we really comparing Poole to Kobe? Come on. There’s no doubt he’s been an impact player and he consistently makes the tough shots in big moments, but I’m not even sure he’s even the first or second most important player on his own college team. I think he’ll bee the classic late first round Beilein player- a guy with a terrific skill set and feel, but lacking the athleticism and nba body of the one-and-done lottery picks (such as Langford). I think he’ll be a really solid nba player, but I see his role and potential as more of a high-end Hardaway, a starter and good nba player but not a star.


I don’t know if it was his fault but I remember the D missing those switches when Brandon was on the court.


I thought I saw them mix in some zone looks when Romeo and Juwan were both on the bench in the first half. To your point, that’s not something they normally do so I was curious.


He has more to offer an NBA team. Think this is inevitable IMO.


It’s not a bad life as a high end THJ…4years/$71M contract. I think Jordan could live with that IMO!


So true. Nobody’s crying for him


I said “he is truly reminding me of a young Kobe Bryant.” certainly you didn’t take that as a comparison I wasn’t comparing the two. Jordan’s skill set in his jump back, quickness, range, drive to the basket, ability to use the glass, passing (actually he’s already better than Kobe ever was at passing), dribbling, seeing the floor, rebounding, cross over, and swag remind me of Kobe. The build of Jordan is 1 inch shorter and 10 pounds lighter than Kobe but that was after Kobe was in the NBA. That was a comparison of which you made not me by Kobe having an NBA body, you don’t think Jordan does?