Game 15: Indiana at Michigan Recap


At last! Mr. John's makes his appearance

Glad that we weathered another game without Livers and Johns took a giant step forward. I expect that Johns will be part of the rotation going forward. Knowing that someone has his back, Livers now can comfortably take another 12 days to nurse his injury before the big road game against Wisconsin on the 19th.


At the 10:03 mark, Michigan was up 30-13 and was shooting 80% from the floor and 60% from three. Now that is the kind of fast start that I like to see.

The game in Bloomington could look a lot different if both teams have their full rosters available.


Indiana’s lowest scoring total of the season.


Even though they didn’t shoot very well, it was actually IU’s second best offensive showing of the season, by adjusted offensive efficiency. Largely because Michigan’s defense is very highly rated and they didn’t turn the ball over.


I really hope this is just a taste of what could be to come! He played great D, was beasting on the boards, had some pretty nice hard dunks. I like what I saw from him today.


Eight points, eight boards and a block (against Juwan Morgan, no less!) and very good defensive performance in a key B1G game, and in his first truly meaningful action was not too shabby! Great job Brandon Johns, Jr!


I second that. Great job BJ. I’m sure there will be more to come.


Really happy for Charles. Think he did a lot for his draft prospects.


Dylan, do you happen to know what % of possessions Indiana played zone yesterday?


It seems that most of Charles’ big games this year have been against the better opponents. He seems to relish the limelight when he knows scouts are watching.


Our offense played really well yesterday (or IU’s defense is overrated, though I think it’s the former). We didn’t shoot that well from 3 despite getting open looks, but got a lot of really good shots. Simpson was patient and effective, and Poole and Matthews ability to create shots, especially for the latter when he has leverage, was impressive.

Matthews’s spot up 3s now look really good. At this point an open 3 for either him or Brazdeikis is quite a good shot, which does a lot for the offense.

On D we messed up a few switches in a way I hadn’t seen in a long time, and leaving Fitzner and Morgan that open from 3 didn’t seem like it could be the plan. Maybe opening that big lead made us lose focus.

I thought Morgan was a lot more successful when he could really get a body on Teske and play really physical down low.

Edit: Also, doing this without Livers was impressive, but you also saw how much he was missed. Hopefully he gets back soon.


I wanted to compare Michigan and Duke versus Indiana all season long and have been waiting on this game. I wanted to try to figure out who dominated them more and not just by the margin of victory. I still can’t earnestly say because while I felt Duke played with a killer instinct and kicked them while they were down. Michigan played with such confidence and only played harder when needed to maintain a cushion. Did you feel this way about Michigan? To me it’s almost like they know it is a long season and playing like Alabama did in football, saving themselves for when needed. I cannot get over how this group has a second gear it seems when needed. There is no doubt in my mind Jordan Poole has worked his way into a lottery pick this draft he is truly reminding me of a young Kobe Bryant. I also think Livers shuts the quicker Morgan down that had 25 points he was to fast for Teske putting more stress on Langford.


“If I can see the rim, I’m open” - Jordan Poole


@umhoops Hey Dylan, do you have numbers on what Charles is shooting on 3 point spot-ups?


Jordan Poole blossoming is exciting and depressing (for selfish reasons). At this rate the NBA will be there for him after this season if he wants it. His highlight reel from the game was absolutely impressive. He must be considered a first round, at least, I would think.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up being projected higher than Iggy.


You just know he had a chip with how everyone drools over Langford and how he’s still trying to earn his way to the league.


Poole is climbing draft boards, but it’s from not really on the board to top 60. If he keeps up his 81/47/80 shooting line in B1G play then yeah he will probably move into the first round. But I still think we’ll get one of Poole or Brazdeikas back. Just not sure which one at the moment.


I’d say if he can become a PnR distributor to prove he can be a combo guard in the NBA he’ll shoot up to first round status. That would help answer size concerns that are surely there for a pure wing without elite verticality. Not sure that happens this season though.