Game 11: Western Michigan at Michigan Open Thread



Good afternoon everyone!


First sub for Jon Teske today is …

  • Isaiah Livers
  • Austin Davis
  • Brandon Johns

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Livers subs for someone who gets a quick foul, Davis follows for Teske while Livers is still on the floor. That’s my guess.


Clearly Teske is minding the scouting report today. Dugan’s right was shut down.


Ok, well perhaps its still a work in progress


Davis it is


Not going to call fouls on drives apparently.


Sluggish finals week start.


Slow start for Michigan’s offense today against Western Michigan. Wolverines with just 4 points in first 7 possessions of play – all from Jordan Poole.


Yeah it’s going to be annoying if they are sluggish all game and the freshmen can’t get any minutes


You can see WMU loading up to help with an extra defender whenever Iggy catches the ball on the wing.


How is that not a foul on the Matthews drive?


FTs again it seems


Probably should guard #4.


Man does Dugan labor up and down


Nice drive by livers!



Just need to get our transition game going. Western serious lacking in athletes


Very smart foul from WMU