Game 11: Western Michigan at Michigan Open Thread


Davis stepping up i feel


Yeah this is Davis’s ideal matchup. WMU isn’t very athletic and they have a slow, plodding big man


That was confident


0 3pt attempts for Poole so far


Bonus already. It’s nice to be on this end of the foul count for once.


This game is ugly… Iggy is struggling


We’re shooting like 25% at the rim…


Welp looks like johns will have to wait another week


Yup. That’s the most disappointing thing about this. These are literally the only 3 games to try to get them minutes when there is no pressure too. If these games come and go without minutes, it’s not gonna happen


Good thing this cold start is against WMU.



Missing good looks. Think we can still get what ever we want throughout this game…


Curious what our PPP is right now. Worst this yr over this many mins? FTs not helping the stat either.


What are we shooting in the paint? Seems even worse.


Some of ya’ll talk about Brandon Johns like this is an exhibition game. This is still a real game, I don’t think Johns would be seeing the floor in the first half even if Michigan was up 12 or 15.


6 of 12 on twos… stat tracker says 5-of-7 on dunks and layups.


Loving Matthews aggressiveness. Wish he got more benefit of doubt calls.


So you don’t think Johns will ever get any action this year? 7 man rotation all year?

If he couldn’t get in against WMU if they were up by 15, then JB definitely won’t be comfortable playing him in real minutes this year. WMU is not good


He hasn’t really shown anything to make us think that he’s close.

Livers as five (as we are seeing right now) is the look that I think needs more of a consistent look.


I can tell Teske hasn’t played much, we have 0 blocks.