Franz Wagner Status

Wow… this would be better than any PG transfer.

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He’s just studying lol. Just imagine being back in school in the middle of the final stretch of the semester, would you want to make such a publicized decision and introduce that level of distraction when you really need to cram for final exams and papers?


The supposition that someone who is likely on his way to the NBA, would care enough about his studies to prioritize them is about as refreshing a thought as I can possibly imagine.


Well he hasn’t decided. It’s possible to care about the NBA and your grades.

Franz not having made up his mind only explains why there has been no announcement. Most expect for him to decide to go to the NBA when he decides, and nothing has changed to make that seem less likely.

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Again just sayin​:thinking::wink::grinning:.

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Although I’m having fun playing into the “what if Franz returns” line of thinking, I agree that I still expect him to leave once he decides, and that there hasn’t been any outward signs to change that expectation.

But…if it’s truly that he hasn’t decided yet, that’s already different than I expected. I didn’t think there would be any decision to make, other than “when is my announcement to leave and sign with an agent going to happen”


It is possible that Franz is thinking about staying another year because:

  1. He and his family are not in a critical financial need
  2. He doesn’t want his last memory of playing basketball at Michigan to be the Elite 8 game
  3. He believes that Michigan has a chance to win a national championship in 2022 which would be a memory for a lifetime and priceless
  4. He is projected to be drafted 10-20 this year, and probably worse case scenario (other than injury) is that he will be drafted in that same range next year. However, if he improves his 3point shooting, he could definitely be a lottery pick next year and enhance his financial picture
  5. Moe has told him about the NBA and it is not all it is made to be, and is encouraging him to enjoy one more year at Michigan will all the fans before basketball becomes a grind and all business. You can only be a kid once
  6. If everything works out, he could become a legend at Michigan and follow the footsteps of Juwan Howard.

At the end of the day, life is not all about money (especially for families like the Wagners who already have it). Life is about living everyday to its fullest and enjoying the special moments that are presented to you. There is a time and a place for everything…maybe Franz time and place in 2021-2022 is at Ann Arbor for one more year. Go Blue!!!


I’m usually really good at thinking of reasons why players could/should stay another year…I can’t think of one for Wagner. As much as I’d love to see him play another year…I just don’t see it happening. Maybe if Moe was having more success and raking in the NBA millions you could squint and see how waiting a year wouldn’t hurt their financial position…but…yeah…will root for him in the NBA next year! (Unless @BigBoutros reverse curse truly is fueled by some sort of witchcraft.)


That’s why I’m just sayin🤔

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I agree with you 100%. It’s not all about money!


I wonder if Moe appreciates always being volunteered to financially support his younger brother by fans on a message board.


Or Jace volunteering his scholarship.


Yes, spending Juwan Howard’s money is also comical.


I think there is about a 5% chance Franz returns. If he was considering it though, could part of it be the memory of his final game in the maize and blue? Maybe he really hated how things ended and wants to end on a higher note? Idk, just a possibility (if indeed he really is considering). He’s very young and although going pro makes infinite sense, he’ll have the opportunity no matter what. I do think the Wagner family cares a lot about UM, maybe he just doesn’t want his career here to end on a game that we all know was so much worse than what he is capable of. Who knows.

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Isn’t there a real possibility that Franz hurts his draft stock if he doesn’t improve his shooting?


Or Nunez being volunteered to say F it on the ultra valuable Michigan degree so he can play a bench role for a year at Coastal Carolina

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I think Franz has a very good idea of the pros and cons of his decision. Given Moe’s recent experience, he knows more than most players making the same decision.

It’s obvious that he values being a student athlete. Only he can decide how much that’s worth. It’s hard not to laugh about all the talk of how much Moe is or isn’t making. Maybe he would be making more if he spent another year at Michigan, but whatever the case, I don’t see him sharing his NBA contract with Franz.


Yeah it’d be an insanely bad decision for Franz to come back. Say he comes back, is a slightly better player but shoots 34% from 3. What’s his draft stock now? Definitely lower.


Maybe but what if he becomes more of a dominant player consistently. Everyone is so focused on 3pt shooting and forgetting he played like butt in at least 10 games