Four-star guard Zeb Jackson commits to Michigan


Great news!! Welcome to Michigan, Zeb!

Playmaking guard who can beat his man off the bounce. Excited to see how his game progresses going forward. Nice fit potentially.

This coaching staff is killing it. Zeb looks pretty good for a sophomore and I like the size.

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His commitment video was awesome. I think the thing I noticed most about it was what kind of impact the current run Coach Beilein has had on the next generation of talent and how that’ll help Michigan’s program image going forward. All the highlights he chose were from the last 6 seasons.


Yea. He was in 5th grade when Burke had “the steal” and “the shot”.

I love what Michigan has been doing on the recruiting front the last few years, with Bajema/Wilson, the incoming freshmen, Livers/Poole/Brooks. Tons of versatility, flexibility, shooting, etc.

And Jackson is among my favorite of all these guys. So fluid, so good with the ball, excellent looking shooter. Great pickup.

Not the type of commitment to incite excitement from the football crowd, but the type of commitment to keep the train of Michigan basketball moving in the same direction. He’ll be able to come in, learn from DeJulius for a bit, then lead from there. With the athleticism that he has I’d put him as a relatively high upside guy.

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To me, he looks like our most talented PG recruit since Burke. I love guards who can break down the opponent off the dribble.

We are on the right track. I look at 2021 and even though we still have 5 spots to fill, and none of those guys have played a second of college ball, we already have what I would call an obviously top 25 team. :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t Jalen Wilson more likely be a 4 for us than a 2? And those designations don’t quite work because the 3/4 have more or less the same roles on offense, like the 1/2 positions. The main thing with a lot of the incoming guys and the current freshman is that they’re hard to peg into one position, a lot of versatility!

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Yeah, I would definitely label Wilson as an F for a 3/4.

Poole has already played the 2 and the 3 so he would probably be a 2/3. Matthews more of a 3 (where he played 95% of the time last year) than a 2, so I would probably say 3/2.

But that’s all nitpicky :slight_smile:

Here’s the chart by class/count not by position.

He looks pretty young. Is he one of Beilein’s “young for his class” kids?

I was wondering about his age too. Couldn’t find anything. I watched some of his Freshman game highlights and interviews and I am pretty sure we are dealing with another Beilein late bloomer. Almost certainly still growing. Probably will gain a lot of muscle and explosiveness over the next couple of years. Like Bajema, he is going to develop into scary good.

Can you be a late bloomer if you are already blooming before your junior year of high school? Very different situation than someone like Bajema who blew up late.

Can’t seem to find an age or full DOB, so not sure on his age.


Brendan Quinn article from today said he was 16

From what I can tell, his DOB is Nov. 14th so that would means he turns 17 next month. Should make him slightly old for his grade.

That would be pretty normal these days, especially for an athlete. Johns birthday is in December and he’s second youngest in the incoming class. It was interesting that Poole noted that a couple of the freshmen were older than him. By the way, Castleton appears to be young for his grade – won’t turn 19 until May – which highlights how much potential for development he has.

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