Four-star forward Terrance Williams commits to Michigan


Have fresh video in there including a long video from his high school season last year and every made basket at the Peach Jam this summer, where Michigan decided to offer him.


That’s a very nice pick-me-up from the Citrus Bowl!


I finally figured out who he reminds me of Adrian Dantley. Oops half you kids have no idea who Dantley was.


The 10 second mark of the first video reminds me of someone we know. :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s with the Wall of Jordan’s there in the circular pods? Is cool. Kid surely approve.

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I believe that was installed this fall. It hurts my Pistons-loyal heart a wee bit to see all those Jordans but I also know it’s an excellent recruiting tool.

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I think all the Jordan schools have these, and yeah just about every kid that hoops is into sneakers.

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Juwan pulling a Musselman and letting TWill “dunk” on him for a photo op

And the hits just keep on coming. There’s still room for Josh Christopher. Bring him on in Juwan. Go Blue!

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I remember Dantley as undersized, very ball dominant and very hard to stop from working his way inside for shots he could make. The ball dominant part doesn’t seem to fit Williams.

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Corliss Williamson, maybe?

Very good class all things considered. I’m not surprised but it’s still good to see. Def room for Christopher in this class. I would love for Austin Davis to return because he seems like a great teammate, but he is probably, happily, finishing up his Michigan basketball career.

So we now have the #4 recruiting class.

If we were to land JOSH CHRISTOPHER, what would our recruiting class be ranked???

If ASU were to land Josh Christopher, what would their recruiting class be ranked?

How about UCLA?

Juwan is going to recruit well. REALITY


Ball dominant because they had no one else.

I feel like 3 would be the highest we could get.

Duke and Kentucky have filthy classes, but might overtake UNC with Christopher.




Really impressed with how well Michigan is recruiting especially because all of these recruits are from the East Coast so it is the start of a pipeline there! Plus, Howard started his career in Washington DC so that helps. Jace Howard will probably walk on for his dad and as for Josh Christopher, there is a shot there! Looking forward to seeing these guys next year!

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This narrative that Jace will walk on has to stop at some point. Once a recruit takes an official visit, they are no longer eligible to walk-on. If Jace comes, it will be on scholarship.