Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA


Correct country, but totally different team. Zalgaris is a really good team that finished 3rd in the Euroleague and, as mentioned below, has some fantastic college guys on their team. Last year they had Kevin Pangos starting at PG so DWalt may be their replacement for him.


Spike Albrecht not to be outdone by his former teammates :joy:



I think he can do much better, he’s been hurt I know but there’s no doubt to me he will end up as a nice European pro if not more. He’s superior to Duncan even if Duncan has a better niche.




Dang off the dribble and off ball screens? Was Beilein holding Duncan back??


Woah. Some of those shots were really difficult. Contested, on the move, off the dribble, etc.


They say that Dean Smith was the only man who was able to stop Michael Jordan. Might be a similar situation here with Duncan and Beilein.


Jalen Coleman-Lands could never


Coach Beilein practically begged Robinson to shoot. Maybe DRIII feels like he’s playing with house money


Also probably less strict coaching. He’ll be on the court a ton as a player that the parent organization has money invested in, so he won’t have to worry about getting benched for taking some lower percentage shots.


Aubrey Dawkins had 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 1 assist in UCF’s exhibition.


How many missed dunks?


UCF in one of the first games up tonight as well at 6:30.


Agreed, Spoelstra told him in camp…you were signed to shoot not pass! You shoot the ball everytime you touch it. Even if you miss the opposing D has to honor the shot.


Aubrey had a double-double in the opener with 16 points and 10 rebounds. Only went 1-of-8 from 3-point range though.


Ricky Doyle back in the Breslin Center with FGCU tonight.




Apparently the elbow never actually happened, based on review and Quinn. So Izzo came onto the court and threatened a student-athlete for something that didn’t happen. Great ambassador and concern for student-athlete welfare.