Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA


And the worst part is that this isn’t even mildly surprising.


Is Ricky Doyle coordinated enough to intentionally harm someone?


In Izzo’s words “it was immature on my part”…


And suddenly there was a faint “Ricky Doyle” chant in the Barclays Center.




Looks like D-Mo has been doing well in the G League this year


Who would you guys rather have on Michigan THIS year: Kam Chatman, Aubrey Dawkins or Ibi Watson? Who helps the most?


Give me Aubrey


Good question, I think I may go with Kam although I don’t think any of them fill our need of a strong backup point guard.



Drip Boys reunion!


Give me Ibi as a shooter off the bench. That said, Chatman is a close second. I like his length and ability to create at the four. Aubrey is third but still supremely talented as well.


Zak Irvin is back in the homeland, playing for the Westchester Knicks.


I’ll take Dawkins



Did Beilein handcuff Duncan? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


JB, Duncan, and a sports psychologist need to sit down together so we can never let this happen again. Duncan looks like one of the best and most confident shooters in the world. At Michigan he always looked so scared.We all have room for improvement JB :slight_smile: Let’s figure this out.


Watched the video and didn’t see a shot he wasn’t allowed to take at UM.


My point was he was not taking some of those shots and when he did it was not with confidence. I am not sure what the reason is but apparently somebody other than JB was able to bring this out of Duncan. We should figure out if there was something “we” could have done differently.


The last one: SLOB turn-around 3 in the corner. Never saw that in blue.