Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA


Pretty sure this is a pretty big move up for Jordan after some really impressive seasons in Europe.


Guess I’m now a Banvit fan.


Really wish I could have seen maar in action trying out for teams. Def would have been invited to some summer league camps.

I’m wouldn’t be shocked if maar ends up catching on with a nba team in a few years or he goes to Europe and Kills it and comes back as a 27 year old rookie then catches on.

Also I still can’t get over Mitch McGary. Guy would have been a lotto pick if he doesn’t get hurt that year or get thrown out for smoking. I love weed too but to throw a huge salary/ career away for it after working hard all your life to get to that level is crazy. I know he had back issues too but I’m convinced it was the lack of hard work / blazing. Maybe convinced is a bad choice of words. It appeared that way.

That was a brilliant pick by the thunder and I’m shocked it didn’t work. The few summer league games I saw of his were just so impressive. I get it was summer league but it was the passes, iq and moves he made to get those stats that sold me. I saw Mitch as D. Sabonis with with more handle / potential and agility.

I figured at worst Mitch was a very good first big off the bench


Mitch has issues beyond basketball. And hoops just wasn’t that important to him.


Don’t see much about Kam Chatman…no summer league, Any word?



Stu and another guy (Jamel Morris, DLeaguer that plays with Jon Horford) carried the team on offense. They’re gonna need more from Gabe Devoe and Vitto Brown if they’re gonna win again.




I would not have recognized Stu.


Any idea what these guys make over there?


In Israel, probably into six figures easy.





Super happy for him. I know that he was hurt during quite a bit of the workouts in the spring



Of Big Baller Brand fame?


Interesting. Wasn’t sure if he would go to the G League or Europe.


Very good team in Europe. Some well known former players from America, too. Nate Wolters and Brandon Davies had stints in the NBA and Aaron White, from Iowa, who was drafted in the 2nd round by the Wizards, but has yet to play in the league. Thomas Walkup from Stephen F. Austin is also on the team.