Former Michigan Players NOT in NBA

I’m pretty sure cheesecake was a term back in the WWII days. Where’s your dad @BigBoutros?

At least in the original definition, you’d turn up something pretty tame.

Yeah I’m not suggesting anything lurid

I’m talking like swimsuit issue level of tawdriness

“the other I think barely plays”
for it to be a real match, that must be the one Nunez is dating.


Given what they do for a living I’d wager they aren’t

Betty Grable was cheesecake, and it absolutely was a thing. Google her, she’s SFW. And yes, Dylan, she qualifies as a former playah NOT in the NBA.


Nunez has 4.3m followers on Tiktok while the twins have 4.4m.

“In this video, I look at the camera and then change my facial expression.” = 170k likes.

This makes me want to have a lawn with nobody on it.


For real

I guess the secret to doing social for a living is making doe eyes and pucker lips at the camera

(And I’m referring to Adrien, not the Cavinders

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Literally just go into any game day thread on this forum. It’s definitely our fans. The negative comments and things said about Jett (the most), TWill, Juwan, etc. is wild. People lack perspective. Jett has obvious holes in his game, but he’s a freshman playing big minutes because he’s the best option. Kobe didn’t catch this type of slander last year. Eli, D Walt, Livers from recent years had up and down Frosh years and never did it reach the same levels. Feel like Jett ended up setting up unreasonable expectations based on some early performances.


To be fair, Jett was at worse the second option on offense for most of the year. Kobe barely played as a frosh. So naturally expectations are going to be different.

Some people killed Caleb last year.

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Yeah, my point being that there is a large group of REALLY toxic Michigan fans out there. And with the growth of social media, they’ve unfortunately been given a public forum to spew their toxicity. It’s just a bad look for the real fans. And I know other fan bases have similar things going on, it’s just troublesome in general. And now that players are (understandably) getting frustrated by the constant slander of people who couldn’t hold a candle to them on the court, it’s reached a weird crossroads between sport and personal attacks.

Anyway, I know there’s a counterargument that athletes need to have thick skin, etc, etc. But, if a fan base starts getting a bad reputation, I just wonder how it starts to directly impact the program considering these are 18-22 year-old kids.

Also me:

Old Man Yells At Cloud Yelling GIFfrom Old Man Yells At Cloud GIFs


Yeah, it’s both - lots of people are awful and mean, the internet gives them larger voice AND I think that (unfortunately) if you want to play D1 or pro sports, you’re going to have to learn to ignore them (which doesn’t make what they do ok). I wish I could say it gets better, but how many times a year do we see players in the NBA involved with a fan who talks about their kids, skin color, etc?


There’s a psychology here, not yet fully theorized, where fans with too few other social connections feel personally wounded–and implicated–in the failures and losses of their teams/players. And sports are such a naked display of the human drama. . . It’s narcissism, but the part that wants theorizing is how, cybernetically, people feel so strongly implicated and reflected yet remain so lacking in self-awareness. Half a step back shows you that coming after some hugely gifted kid when he struggles is crazy, but people do it, and in crazy numbers. I’d wager all of us here feel the tug.

Back with my prospectus in a bit.


Is it that there’s a large a group or are those who are toxic, also really dedicated to being toxic?

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I find Michigan fans to be particularly annoying. I get a lot of eye-rolling reps in whenever I go to a football game. I attribute it to Michigan Arrogance. Michigan is clearly the best and if they lose it’s because of incompetence (or the refs) not because the other team has scholarship athletes and coaches too.


TBF, JT was short and the block was clean


lol, people who say things like “Illinois fans are ____” or “OSU fans act like _____” are most often, I find, committing the very sins they’re accusing the other fanbases of

Most people are pretty normal! I work in a sector, due to location and what schools offer majors in, that is STOCKED with Penn State, Purdue, and Michigan State fans - I talk to them every day. Perfectly lovely people! Even when we talk sports, it’s almost joking “ooohhhh…we’re gonna get you sunday!” stuff.


yeah, we have much more in common with large swaths of the msu fanbase than we do with the extremist fringe of the mich fanbase. every fanbase has a certain extremist percentage - our opinions of other fanbases are mostly a matter of which elements of those fanbases the twitter algorithm shows you most often