Five-star guard DJ Carton commits to Ohio State

I have to agree…DJ can be the wolf at OSU…but he could have been “Dancing with Wolves at MICHIGAN”!


Carton looked like a 2 and done nba prospect to me. His choosing not to come here is probably indicative of his perception that beating out Z his Freshman year was not a given and beating out DD his Sophmore year was also not a given. It speaks to a) the difficulty of running JB’s offense as a freshman; and b) the quality of players we have in Z and DD. I would have loved to see the competition between z,DD, Brooks and DJ, but I also don’t blame DJ if he saw a clearer path to running the team immediately at OSU. If I was in DJ’s shoes, and if I had a similar impression of uncertainty, I would have made the same choice. Great player but timing was probably off, imo.


a bit disappointed but not totally surprised. He believes that he can be one and done, and Ohio State provides the best opportunity. We need a wing guard more than a PG in 2019.


@Kenny, agree with you. Besides competition for playing time, it’s possible that DJ didn’t really bond with Z. And perhaps he didn’t particularly want to go against Z in practice. All speculation, but these kinds of things can tip a decision.

I think it is ridiculous to say as fans we aren’t a bit bummed losing a 5 star player. I would have loved to have the kid and think it’s a huge pickup for OSU. But following this recruitment closely there was always a changing story and something didn’t seem right. I know that’s easy to say now, but I was not confident in this recruitment at any moment.

I truly believe if JB gets one of the big names to drop, losing DJ will be an after thought.

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Another big name. Wilson is a highly rated guy.

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They play against each other on the OV don’t they?