Five-star guard DJ Carton commits to Ohio State

Good luck to him, I want to beat Ohio state regardless of who is on their team. Hope he has success except when he sees us.

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Not gonna lie. Hope he and every OSU player sucks


So much for the Crystal Ball ehh! Watts or Girard or neither next!

Turns out Nick was right. OSU must have convinced him JB has too many pgs or it would take him a year to learn the M system. This is too much like what happened with Jaylen Brown when Cal got a last minute visit. We WILL get someone good that actually wants to play for JB and Michigan. Still hurts though with the die hards.

Who is this Nick?

He’s going to start immediately and be handed the keys to the program.

OF COURSE OSU is going to play up all the existing PGs on Michigan roster.

Is it really that surprising that he wants to start from day one? OSU guarantees that. They have no PGs.


OSU does have CJ Walker FWIW. Don’t think it is fair to say they have no PG, but that’s not really the point.

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Pseudo combo guards that can’t run a team. I said earlier on many threads if he hits it off with Holtmann it’s goiing to be trouble.

Obvious that relationship was very strong. Carton starts immediately from day one.

Good luck to the young man. Talented kid.

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He is just a guy

Argh, it just stings to be so close to landing another elite talent.

This is why I was so disappointed OSU had such a good season last year. The sale might have still been made, but it was an easier sell after a strong first year.


Yeah I’m very jealous of all of their success


Good luck to the kid. Holtmann is a major player in B1G for as long as he’s there.

Still hate OSU though.

Another patron who posted a few articles back that he doubted Carton would come to M because of the pg depth.

And how many players has OSU put into the first round of the NBA, lately? How many has Holtman put in. He’s going to do a good job there, and yeah, they do have a basketball team. Good luck to them. We will move on and we will be fine. Next up.

Hate OSU as we all do. Holtmann is recruiting great and that staff just got in town.

They are not going to be short talented players going forward, and Holtmann can coach.

Both Duane Washington and (of course) Carton had UM offers and chose OSU.

I guess I’m going to have to start following this Nick rather than Dot. Nah, Dot always been one of my favorites. Hard to understand what young kids are gonna do. Good luck to DJ, really. He’s excited about his choice, I’m not gonna rain on his parade. Of course he may need some luck, or something more than just talent his freshman year when they play Michigan and he has to go up against Z (X). We’ll move on. We’ll be fine.

I hear ya, Chez. I agree, Holtman will do a good (great) job in Columbus. There will be some wars between us in the next several years. As far as DJ is concerned, I’m just not that upset. I’m in the camp that thinks our PG situation will be just fine. I think we need a really good two guard or a combo who can PLAY the two.