Five-star guard DJ Carton commits to Ohio State

Ouch…that one hurts! Looking forward to Z locking the young man down!

Next up!!!


Thanks to DJ for making a quick decision…much respect and grateful!

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I feel like I just got really excited for a new girl I was seeing, only for her to break it off after a week or two. I got very excited watching DJ’s highlights and the breakdown that Dylan published yesterday, only for him to choose OSU today. For some reason, my hopes were really high. The kid is super, super talented and will be great in Columbus… and obviously owes me/us nothing!

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I like Shaw. Newkirk provides what exactly?

I’m not real persuaded that he’s recruiting “great.” I would have been more worried about IU if Carton had chosen them.

Holtmann did a nice job this year. With that said, the expectation level was pretty low, and KBD and Tate were the soul of the team. I think they’re a bubble team this coming year.

Nice get for them. Our depth chart made this one a tough sell.

Very well said, gobluemd16. I just went on the thread about DJ scouting report and video breakdown that you referenced. I hadn’t seen it before because, well, I’m not a member. Damn cheap bastard! :smile: Anyway, maybe that’s why I’m not as upset as some others, I never saw the video breakdown and analysis. I’m sure he’s talented, even “super, super talented,” but as I’ve said many times in the past few hours, I’m also sure we’ll be fine.

Personally, and I’ve said this in the past few hours, too, I’m hoping we go all in on a two guard or a combo who can play the two.

As for the “new girl” comment, I’ve been married for over 48 years, to the same girl! She WANTED to be married to me and still does. Well, I think she does! She didn’t want some other guy (OSU). But I AM sure we’ll (UM) find a “new girl!” We always do, and she’ll be fine. Oh, so fine! :smile:

Staff barely been in town. If they get Liddell to go with Carton and Gaffney for ‘19, that’s a top 5 class.

They’ve been in town as long as Archie Miller, and I’d say Miller’s recruiting at a higher level, though it’s pretty close.

Like I say, I think this one came down to opportunity. If both Michigan and OSU had a starting PG job open for Carton, I don’t think he picks them.

Funny how 90% of the Crystal Ball insiders had him going to M, fully aware of the roster situation.

Holtmann can recruit, believe it.

That was also before his OSU official.

I’m sure Holtmann is a good recruiter. I’m also sure it helps to have a starting spot available too.


Must’ve been a helluva an official to commit the next day after insiders universally pegged him here.

Relationships always keys in these.

Has quotes about loving the official, relationship with the players/coaches, and ‘getting the keys to the offense.’ All generic stuff, and doesn’t go into why he didnt choose Mich or IU, but just shows there’s no way to know what was the last straw/if the official was the tipping point or just gravy.

Can’t wait til Z locks him up


Getting the keys to the offense seems to me like the biggest factor. He’s had nice things to say about all coaching staffs and players. My guess is we finish with more of a pure 2/3 player, make a run at Cole Anthony in the spring if a scholarship opens up, and if not, focus on a PG in 2020. To that end, Jalen Terry and Zeb Jackson seem like good bets.

I actually disagree. Sounds like he found the best fit there (after finding a “good” fit elsewhere). I’m sure the getting the keys part didn’t hurt, but it also sounds like he just felt the most comfortable there.

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This. I said elsewhere, it’s not that he was afraid to compete here (no way), but it is that he loved being told he was going to be “the man.” I confess to being really disappointed about this one. I knew they were a massive threat - it’s like in baseball when you know if you can just get that one guy out, the game is pretty much over, but you also know that there’s a really really good chance you don’t get that guy out… and then that at bat is the one that beats you. Such is life. I wish him and OSU no success. I hate that school.

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I really wanted to land him too, but our program is in great shape either way. Life goes on. I’m very excited for the upcoming season - think we’re going to turn some heads again, which will only help recruiting.


Yeah I can’t wait for Simpson and Dejulius to eat him for breakfast… we will be fine without him… he was a luxury recruit not a need… love our roster going forward Even without him

Just really tired of losing a battle like this after a season like ours, but one can see how they may have had something he was looking for. Just blech, though.

I think I’m in the minority here, but considering the makeup of our roster I’m not really concerned about this miss. I feel like we need more shooting.