Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Villanova Discussion Thread


I’m sitting here watching the Jude Stamper story on ESPN2. Of course I know Jude’s story and how Michigan has been so important in this young boy’s life. As a grand parent of a special needs little girl who lives with my wife and I, I am SO proud and touched by our coach, and our kids, and our University, for taking this kid, literally, into the program. I don’t mind saying I have tears streaming down my face right now. I LOVE our kids and the meaning they are putting into Jude’s life! Thank God for the Maize 'n Blue! Mrs. Stamper says, “Coach B and the team may NEVER understand what they do for my son,” with tears streaming down her cheeks. I know what she is saying. I FEEL what she is saying. God Bless the coaches and the players who wear the Maize 'n Blue, who are truly MICHIGAN MEN! God Bless 'em all!


It was pretty bad on CBS the other night too. Clarke Kellogg and Kenny Smith think Michigan are due for an offensive outburst and picked them to win


Brunson isn’t the POY. That honor belongs to Divincenzo! He may be the best player in the country at any level.


Not a great day for the “Charles Matthews is better than Mikal Bridges” argument


Pretty good day for the DiVincenzo is better than Bridges argument, though.


Bridges game is mostly as a spot up shooter.


Maybe the kind of game that inspires Moe to come back? (Not saying he should – he almost certainly shouldn’t – just wishing he would.)


Absolutely. I thought Bridges was pretty much a non factor early. Seems to me he got his points after the game was pretty much out of hand. Divincenzo was definitely the man! As a team, though, Villanova is an absolute juggernaut! Very impressive!


Had a great start to the game, few bounces didn’t go our way, DiVincenzo went off and that’s all she wrote.

I think we played good defense most of the game. But every time we fell asleep for one second, they hit a three. Like almost every single time. That’s part of why they’re perhaps the best offense this century.

Amazing season in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year. This didn’t sting as much as the Louisville loss (for one, I respect the other program as it isn’t run by a cheating scum sucker). We can get back here in the near future


He played great defense though. Had a couple big offensive rebounds and threes. I thought it was obvious watching him why he’s going to be a top 10 pick


Absolutely agree, Bacon. Proud of our kids. Don’t know any college team that would have beaten Nova tonight! Great team that can hurt you in so many ways!


Proud of the guys and the coaching staff. I’m going to miss the seniors but especially MAAR. He’s been a rock solid player for 4 years here. Quietly went out and improved year after year. Who would have thought this kid who was barely recruited would accomplish all he has.

Great season. Hopeful next year will be just as memorable.


There whole team plays D. Bridges is good, no question, but Divincenzo was really the difference.


Thanks to Dylan and all the fanatics here for coming along on this wild ride we had this year.


I don’t disagree that DD was better tonight but that doesn’t mean Bridges was a non factor or not as good if player as people though


MAAR played well tonight. Proud of him!


Team played hard. But for most of the game we are playing 4 against 5 on offense and only two players who could consistently adequately attack the basket. Zavier is going to need to work on his out side shot or consistently attack in the midrange.

Next year we will need Poole, Livers and the freshman ( Iggy, Johns, DeJulius and Castleton) to step up. Right now Poole is the only person coming back beside Matthews who can attack.


Pretty obvious we got a nice draw. I loved this team but they hadn’t played well all tourney minus the Texas game. I’m convinced the week off messed up our mojo. We skated by on defense against average opponents.

Early in the game we should have gone up at least 25-11 instead of 21-14. We got them to take bad looks but we’re so overexcited we had bad possessions and gave them an extra 3-4 baskets we shouldn’t have by not corralling the ball.

Our chance to take control then hold the lead was then , instead Simmons and others produced dumb fouls and failed to box out , followed by hideous possessions.

All in all it was a great year. We’re a top ten team and a top five team when we play well.

It hurts because early we had them and instead of taking advantage we left the door open and allowed them to stick around.

They had composure we didn’t. Also I love coach b but he needs to take the two foul thing and throw it in the trash. You know in this matchup there is no room for error. Once the momentum was shifting maar had to go right back in along with giving Duncan some run to get a feel for the game. Should have learned from the last champ game.

Still love the guy and think there isn’t a better Coach but that philosophy needs to go in dire circumstances.


Really proud of what the team accomplished this year, but the loss still stings. Michigan won the title when I was 3 years old, but are 0-4 in all the title games I ever remember watching. Just sucks not being able to win that last game when it is such a rarity to get to this point. As a program we seem to be really good in each round until the last. Hoping we can make a run back here soon and finally finish it off!


Zavier can attack. Very well actually. I was frustrated he wasn’t looking to score early. He figured it out later but it was too late.