Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Villanova Discussion Thread


Nova’s 3 pt rate was also 59% against KU, well above its already very high 48% average. Nova won’t shoot 40 3s tonight and it probably won’t make 18 - it averages 11.5 per game. Limiting Nova’s 3 pt takes and makes will be a challenge, of course.


I don’t know if anyone on here listens to Colin Cowherd. I usually don’t. OK, I never do, but I happened to catch the beginning of the second hour, I think you can find it on you tube, and you MUST listen to it. Just take my word for it. He starts talking about the game about a minute into the second hour and talks about the game, Beilein, etc. for about four or five minutes. I’d embed but I don’t know how. :slightly_frowning_face:


I am at the point that I am not nearly as worried about novas offense as I am Michigans offense. Nova is going to score no matter what Michigan does on defense. I have faith that Michigan can limit them but I don’t believe they can stop them.

To me this game is all about Michigans offense. They don’t need the a&m performance but they do need to play close to their best on offense. I think Wagner is going to have trouble getting clean looks and bridges will make it tough on Matthews to finish around the rim. there will be a ton of pressure on Simpson and rahkman to create offense. Plain and simple those two need to have big games for Michigan to win this.


I agree. Our two best players in this tournament have our toughest matchups. Simpson does too, but I’m not worried about Brunson going off. He will get what he gets and I don’t think it’ll be the reason we win/lose the game.

Matthews and Bridges have tough matchups - on both ends of the floor.


Oh, too soon.


anybody else humming “Hail To The Victors” at work?


Not at work. Retired, and before any of you get all upset about that, I’m 71 years old, and have worked for over 50 years! Plus, I still work part time, although only when I feel like it! But, yeah, “Hail to the Victors valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, HAIL! HAIL! to MICH EE GAN the Leaders and BEST! Hail to the Victors valiant, Hail to the conquering heroes, HAIL! HAIL! to MICH EE GAN THE CHAMPIONS of the WEST!” And watching ALL the hype videos I can get my hands on, and reading everything I can find about MEECHIGAN and THE GAME! Hell, I even listened to a Bob Ufer tape today! FIRED UP, BABY! GO BLUE!!!


MAAR is the key. At times Wagner and Matthews have carried the offense during the tournament while MAAR has struggled to get going. During the tournament he’s shooting 34% FG, 25% 3pt, and 70% FT. And that’s including a huge game against TAMU. He’s just gotta make shots tonight. I think MAAR needs 20 points if we’re going to win.


Agree. But I would take it one step further and say that Michigan needs 30 from rahk and Simpson to win. Or a take some points away and throw in a bunch of assists. But either way Michigan needs those two to create a lot of offense tonight.


Then you’ll know all is lost.


Just saw that segment on big ten basketball and beyond with spike and Novak. Thought I was fired up before. Im bursting now. Zack should give the team some pregame words. He has me ready to run thru a wall.

Also it’s just a great testament to what beilein has done at Michigan. He has created so many terrific ambassadors for the university. Listening to all the former players over the last week. It’s just incredible. I know beilein says he doesn’t care about winning the championship for himself, he just wants to see it for his players. And that is so hard to believe. But then you hear these guys talk and it all makes sense.


I didn’t watch that much of their game against Texas Tech. How much of their poor shooting was them having an off day and how much was TT’s defense? I want to know how replicable that defensive performance was.


I think the overall strategy is very replicable. In terms of switching a lot, running them off the line and challenging shots but Nova shooting that poorly is probably more luck. The key is similarly limiting them to 24 threes, while fouling a lot less. Hard to believe nova would miss as many threes as they did in that game so can’t allow them to also have the parade to the free throw line they got that day.

But that was probably the blueprint for Michigan tonight and Michigan is capable of playing that same defensive style.


Well, we may not want to commit too many fouls but if we can hold them to 71, like TT did, I’d like our chances.


Of course, we’re all overthinking this. Duncan just needs six points and we’re golden :wink: .


Here’s my contribution for the day:

Went to my local gym for a pickup game. Rolled my maize Michigan shorts up 2 full rolls at the waist so that they were Jordan Poole length. Proceeded to make 3 out of 4 from three as my team won the game.

Regardless of what happens, thank you to Dylan and everyone for making this place such an enjoyable place to talk basketball and the team we love on a daily basis. Go blue and let’s get this championship!!!


Thanks @buckets12. Been a long month, but a really fun team to cover on this run.


It’s been a great year…thanks to all who contribute and participate in the forum. Dylan…best content in the country!!! thanks to you and your team! The love fest for Villanova on ESPN is sickening. No one is talking about the MSU/Perdue wins but that’s OK. I think we can play with anyone in the country…we’ll soon find out! For me the season has reached total UMHOOPS capacity…what a year!

Go Blue!


Everything depends on whether or not we can make an impression from three.

Made shots cure all ills.


Chazer, I agree with this. Excellent content. Dylan and staff are THE BEST! I’ve been a bit critical at times, perhaps unfairly, but probably because I’m a crotchety old man. Then, too, there are some guys no longer on the board who sometimes “rubbed me the wrong way.” The guys who are here now are true Michigan fans, and although we, many of us, sometimes have disagreements, it is usually respectful. I’m visiter on a couple of other boards, but this really is the best and most knowledgeable, at least I think it is. As Chazer said, Go BLUE!!!