Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Villanova Discussion Thread


Honestly it felt like 3 on 5. Matthews and Simpson were just not involved. Simpson’s stat line ended up okay but I really thought their inability to shoot and create shots off the dribble was exposed. Down 10 it never once felt like we could come back the way they were playing.

Very happy that Moe and MAAR were able to shoot well (especially MAAR) if that was their last games. Very sad that Duncan wasn’t able to. Foul trouble didn’t help but man that hurt seeing him struggle like that after his whole journey.

One hell of a year. JB’s best job no doubt in my mind. Really thought when were up 7 early we could do it but at the end of the day we just didn’t have the shooters we needed tonight to keep up.


Also had we won I would hace won 1200 in a pool. So this burns a lot


I said he was a non factor early, and he was. I didn’t say he was a non factor throughout the game. I also said he got his points when the game was pretty much out of hand, which he pretty much did. It’s really not worth an argument. He’s a great player. I don’t dispute that. He’ll be a lottery pick. I really WAS amazed at how good DD was. He could do a lot of things, pretty much whatever he wanted tonight. Kid’s a player. Villanova is a GREAT team, both on offense and defense. I’m proud of the run our kids had, and while they played hard tonight, the better team won.


Zavier wasn’t looking to score early.hes very good at creating off the dribble. Not sure why he wasn’t looking to score early. He had looks all day but didn’t realize it til late.


Call me crazy…but I think Moe comes back.


Besides Mo coming back what is the other big story line in the off-season? I’d like to see Teske make some strides in the off season.


He does have a nice off the dribble game to get all the way to the rim. But if he doesn’t develop his shot more it’s going to be a severe limitation for his entire career. In almost every big conference win that I can remember he made at least a few jump shots to keep the defense honest. He made nothing in the tournament the whole time that I can remember. I believe in him but I really hope to see that development


Donald Williams, Luke Hancock, Donte Divincenzo . . . we can’t escape running into some unconscious guy in the final.

I guess it went our way in '89 with Rice, but we seem a bit due for a repeat…


Honestly I think the real story was second chance points early then divenczo going off.even with ooor shooting if we Corel’s the rebounds early and fifty fifty , were up 10-14 instead of 6. Huge difference. Then we don’t panic, ect ect


Jordan Poole and Charles Matthews work ethic with Jon Sanderson and the staff this offseason. You can’t tell me both those guys aren’t potential lottery picks in the best-case scenario. Let’s make it happen.


Ok that I agree with. I thought you were saying he was an offensive non factor overall. My bad, misunderstood .


Mo looks pretty pissed in the post game


Coach B is pretty emotional in this interview. Sigh…


He should be. The nova team was talking major noise and moe was eating them alive but only maar had his back. I’d love for another crack at those dudes. That game wasn’t a great representative of the two teams. He’s very frustrated and should be


Can’t blame refs but this game was a one sided the entire game


Also that tech on him was garbage. Moe hits Brunson on the hook. Foul called, fair call Booth and the other guy bump into him trying to punk him. Moe puts his hands up. Spellman talks shit, moe finally answers , tech on both? Straight clown show call.


Don’t know who said it on this forum already but I think Mo comes back too


He held Matthews to two points in the first half. That’s not being a non factor early. CM was our best player all tournament and he couldn’t get it going against Bridges


Eh. I don’t even think Villanova played particularly well. Only DiVencenzo had a great game. We just shot horribly. They way we shot we’re lucky it wasn’t a 30+ margin


I thought Brunson lowered his should into Z’s chest and knocked him back EVERY time he took it to the basket. I believe they DID call one offensive foul on him but he just bullied Z and the officials let him get away with it. I guess when you are the POY the officials will let you do whatever you want. But I agree, we can’t blame the refs.