Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Villanova Discussion Thread


Oh, absolutely, I agree, Kenny, but if we play like we did against the Spartans, or Purdue, or TAMU, well…The truth is, I’m just so proud of our kids and our coaching staff and I hope we play well tonight, win or lose. I personally thank our TEAM and the great Michigan fan base AROUND THE COUNTRY for making it such a fun ride!

I was there (not literally, but watching on TV) in '89 and '92, AND in 2013, and those were special times, but this just seems even more special. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and I’m more nostalgic, but I am getting older, and I don’t know how many more of these I’ll get to see! But I DO think it will be fun watching the “Drip Brothers” for the next few years, and hopefully, the next generation of the “Drip Brothers” or whatever they call themselves, after that. Love these guys, love this team, players, coaches, all of them! Go BLUE!!!



No, but Charles is very good at limiting them and if Neither player makes one and we knew that before the game started, I’d take Charles in the game player vs player.


I’m shocked that Bridges is that highly ranked in ball screens. I feel like I barely saw him run a pick and roll, let alone be consistently efficient out of it.


I pretty much agree with everyone saying not to help off of Nova’s shooters, make them hit contested shots, preferably twos. Sure, Brunson can hit some pull-up midrange jumpers or back Simpson in, but that’s not what they want to do. Booth can attack closeouts for twos, but if MAAR can stay even close to him, UM can live with that shot.

And an offensive juggernaut that doesn’t get the shots they’re used to getting and miss a few can get frustrated – we’ve seen it in some great Michigan offenses. So make them prove not that they’re just a great offense, but that they’re great one-on-one players.

If you look at the Big East, the best defense besides Villanova was St. Johns, KP ADJDE 29, who held Nova to 1.07 ppg and beat them. Second best defense was Providence, ADJDE 39, who went 1-2 against Nova, held them to .91 ppg one game and 1.17 another (still a high number).

Oh, and make some 3s.


I wonder how many possessions ball screen possessions Bridges has had. The article also talks about his eFG% on jump shots off the bounce (not great) and his assist rate is fairly low, so the key is just making sure he doesn’t get easy looks at the rim off the PnR.


I was flat astounded that Kansas, a team entirely built around making threes, couldn’t figure out that they must not leave Nova’s shooters open. What the hell were they thinking?

In order to win we must attempt (and make) more threes than them. If Brunson wants to back Z down in the post and shoot over him every time down the court, fine; just don’t foul him and DON’T LEAVE THE SHOOTERS OPEN.

Of course, if we fall behind early it will be very difficult to keep allowing twos while hoping that our threes start to fall, so I’ll be hoping for the fastest of starts. Go Blue!


Tonight we find out if all my middle school coaches were liars or if defense really wins championships


Very excited to watch this game, honestly as excited as I’ve been in a long time.

It took me a long time to be a believer in this team. Before the season started I was the fan that doubted everyone “Z can’t run the offense, Matthews can’t shoot, DRob & Mo can’t defend”…I was looking forwards towards 2019 when we get most of the major players back plus JB’s best class in a long time…

But here we are, nearly 6 months later with a team that has looked completely different from where I imagined it. I don’t know if there is a Michigan team in recent memory that I’m more proud of than this squad…it isn’t always pretty, in fact half the time it is really really frustrating, but they get it done.

I have faith in these guys, and look forward to taking down Villanova tonight. Go Blue!


If Brunson wants to back Z down in the post and shoot over him every time down the court, fine; just don’t foul him and DON’T LEAVE THE SHOOTERS OPEN.

Brunson isn’t that big (height wise), and really gets low. It seems like when he gets into the post, he really uses that leverage gained by staying low to create space.

However, Z is going to be low, if not lower on D. Sometimes the leverage gained from staying low on D can really be an advantage. Wonder if that might cause Brunson some problems when he tries to back Z down. We’ll find out. Should be a great match-up!


Oh, my goodness, we’re screwed now! Oz the Mentalist has used telepathy or whatever it is that gives him his awesome power to see into the future and has predicted a Villanova victory tonight! Oh, my gosh, it’s over! We might as well just not show up! Hmmm…mentalism, or coincidence? Now, I know Oz is a really smart guy, he graduated from UM with a degree in Electrical Engineering, and I know he’s quite an entertainer. He was a star on America’s Got Talent, after all, but is he a true mentalist? Is he truly able to predict the future? Is it, somehow, a foregone conclusion that Villanova will win tonight, and it won’t be close? Well, I’m right there with him when he says, “As a Wolverine, I hope I’m wrong tonight!” That is the one thing he said that I believe. I’m no mentalist, but “I got a feelin’!” :wink: Wolverines, pay no attention to that OZ behind the curtain! Go BLUE!!!

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Oz The Mentalist predicts Villanova blows out Michigan Oz Pearlman reveals the NCAA Tournament prediction that he made on March 12th, stunning the crew on Get Up!


I just read Dylan’s preview of the game. It really feels eerily similar to our 2013 championship game except with the roles reversed. Obviously the analogy doesnt apply completely, but a superior offensive team that can and does shoot lights out on 3s with a seemless offense (Villanova today & Michigan 2013) with the PG that is Player of the Year vs an elite defensive team that has its moments where the offense just clicks (Michigan today & Louisville 2013). I hope the analogy holds true for the game tonight as well…


If we get a Zavier Simpson chase down block of Jalen Brunson with 5 minutes left I’ll cry


Just got to Austin. Does anyone know if there are specific Michigan bars or pregame stuff to do? Riverwalk or Alamodome area?


If nothing else, head to the Michigan hotel (Marriott Riverwak). Everyone was hanging at the bar and lobby Saturday. Spike, Novak, Schlissel. Players meeting family. Big Ten is filming right below the hotel on the riverwalk too


Spoiler alert: Nova basically shot their season average against Kansas.


Yeah, they’re gonna make shots. Not having the Kansas strategy of “Spin the wheel and see how many threes they can make if we leave them wide open” will do wonders though.


Well I’m in San Antonio to lend my support. Just finished 21 hour drive, including bad snow storm in Champaign Illinois area.
No tix yet but they seem plentiful online. I’m going to wait until I get to dome to buy.

I’m predicting instant classic. Other than that I have no feel


Nova shot right at 40% for the year and they shot 45% for the KU game. I guess that isnt a statistical anomaly but as Wolverheel said, the number of open looks should hopefully go down. Good catch


There are a whole lot of us who won’t be there in person, unfortunately, and we’re REALLY counting on you guys who ARE there to be REALLY raucous! Go BLUE!!! Be LOUD, Be PROUD!!!