Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Loyola


I haven’t followed closely so this has probably been covered a lot but matchup wise what are everyone’s thoughts on Kansas or Villanova. My gut says Kansas but if Simpson can shut down Brunson I feel like that could be huge. I honestly haven’t looked close at either matchup though. Who to root for?


Just feel like Self’s an easier coaching matchup than Wright.


Rooting for Kansas in a big way. When it comes to defending them, think Purdue. Great shooters everywhere. Except instead of posting up Haas, they post up Brunson and unlike Haas, he can shoot threes too and Simpson isn’t used to playing post defense.

Granted, we’ve been very very good the last three months at stopping teams from taking threes, let alone open ones. But they also have guys that can drive.


Kansas seems like the easier match up. Either way it’s a #1 seed from the validity standpoint.


I really need Michigan to beat Kansas in the finals and I win 1000$. So everyone root for Kansas lol


I really didn’t think he traveled, either. I think the ref thought he came down before he released the ball. It sure didn’t look like it on the replay I saw. I thought Jaaron played solid. His three from the corner came at a critical time.


To the ref, that may have been the ol’ “if it looks awkward, something had to have been done wrong” rule.




I was glad they finally called Krutwig for shuffling his feet!


The game was like a Rubik’s cube that Michigan kept turning and turning until all of the colors aligned. If ever there was a case of “solving” a team. . .


Great analogy!


So tomorrow, Duncan Robinson becomes the first player to ever play in both a D1 and D3 title game (I assume). Awsome.