Final Four 2018: Michigan vs. Loyola


Nice SI preview/prediction


Show goes on…


These are great.
Do the assistant coaches get interviewed? I would like to see them as much or more than the players


Saddi is in the 2nd link.


I just saw that :-).
He was the one I was thinking about too. Never hear much about Washington

I didn’t even think about the Oakland U link with Saddi Washington and Drew Valentine.


Just an fyi - if people are still looking for Loyola full games, here’s what I’ve found on YT

Make yourself crazy: LC vs. Florida. I watched like 15 minutes. Honestly, Florida had good Florida this year and horrible Florida. This was horrible Florida. Florida opens up unbelievably terrible and it’s far from all LC’s doing. They’re all Hyde in this one.

Make yourself feel good: Boise State vs. LC. Boise State tears them up. It’s road game for LC, it’s an end of November game, they’re a different team by now, obviously.

Useless: LC vs. Milwaukee - Custer is out for this game. So not much to draw from this one.

Anyone found any other full or half games online?


And I’m officially out of things to say or think about this game…


Porter Moser seems like a very genuinely good person and a quality up and coming coach. He also comes across like a newborn puppy under the bright lights right now, even when talking about Wagner it was just like “he’s good. We haven’t seen that. Can we talk more about Sister Jean?” Lol

I think the three most important 1v1 matchups in this game are:

Moritz Wagner vs Cameron Krutwig (and Aundre Jackson)
Zavier Simpson vs Clayton Custer
John Beilein vs Porter Moser

I feel extremely strongly that we have the upper hand in all three.


I’d heart ya, but anything could be bad luck.


Saddi has done a great job coaching up out bigs in last two years, very under appreciated.


A nice piece on Saddi and Drew Valentine

they go further back than days in Oakland U.


Michigan vs missing open shots (3fga and ft).


I’m feeling ya on Simmons. If Loyola wants to switch everything and has no shot blockers, then it’s time to go downhill on these guys. Hopefully it won’t be a Montana situation where we had no offense until Simmons decided it was go time, but he could be one of several Wolverines who have a big day attacking the rack.


Great Job Dylan…i think the content has more than tripled since 2013. Its been a great year!
Go Blue!




AHHHHHHHHHH LETS GOOOOOO!!! Give me one great game of basketball and let’s win a damn title!!! Go Jayhawks!!!


National Finals, Baby!!! Go BLUE!!!


What a team. The heart these guys have . . . wow.

Mo was unreal. He was everywhere on the court in the second half. I guess we saw what happens when he can play free of foul trouble!


Z, MAAR and Duncan combined for 4-23 from the field and we won. I will take it.


They only combined for 3, but I thought both played well. Livers was very good on defense and Simmons played well on offense AND defense. Limited Custer just as much as Z did. I feel like he is snake bit with some tough situations on offense. One of turnovers was a really bad bad by Duncan in transition in which he received the ball on the run surrounded by 3 defenders. And I thought his travel was a bad call but I’d have to see it again