Evaluation Weekend: April 24-26

Should be an interesting one with Nike in Lexington, Adidas in Indianapolis and Under Armour in Louisville.

Will be very interesting to see where U-M focuses its eyeballs (JB will be in WV on Sat. night to be inducted into Wheeling Jesuit Hall of Fame). Davis is in the fold, 2015 targets are still in flux, Thornton is off the board (although that ship had sailed).

I’ll be on the road – trying to figure out exactly where still – at a few different tourneys, but wanted to start this thread as a catch-all for content before and during the weekend.

Dylan - can I be greedy and ask you to hit up both Lexington and Louisville since they are relatively close!

Definitely planning to be in Lexington. It’s just whether it’s worth stopping by Louisville or trekking up to Indianapolis to check on some adidas guys.

Looking forward to it Dylan, thanks. Also MattD really enjoyed the Twitter updates from the last eval period. Hoping we can finish off the 15 class in the next week and move on. Should be real interesting who they target especially not knowing who they had in homes with.

Going to be an interesting summer, got to think some new 16 targets come to the surface.

Would love to get your take on Devon Daniels and Damien Jefferson in Louisville

Figured you would want eyes on Damien Jefferson :wink:

Dylan - REALLY hope you get a chance to check out Devon Daniels. Just posted some new film on that kid…how the hell does a kid like that, right down the street, go unnoticed by both UM and MSU? Do you know if there are any academic issues? There is no denying the talent…that kid can flat out play.

Too busy to embed, but Meyer watched Quentin Goodin last night. Also, JB was in Lexington (Nike EYBL teams).

Beilein is here watching Kevin Huerter this morning in Lexington.

There have been rumors of Huerter reclassifying to 17 FWIW.

Staff watched Davis and Bowen last night as well.

Staff also watched All Ohio yesterday - Ibi Watson and Kaleb Wesson. Frankie Hughes no longer with All Ohio.

Mustapha Heron

Beilein sliding over to watch All Ohio Red. Bacari Alexander also watched BABC and Bruce Brown.

Jeff Meyer watching Goodin again.

Huerter stats from this AM https://twitter.com/d1circuit/status/591980443853008896

Will obviously have more later but it was a really nice performance by Huerter. First time watching him and was impressed.

Beilein and Bacari watching Spiece 17u team now.

Um…yes please. Looks like St. John’s will be tough to beat though.


Mustapha Heron

Will obviously have more later but it was a really nice performance by Huerter. First time watching him and was impressed.

Million dollar question is can he handle the rock in a half court set against pressure defense?